APL 2022: 3.5% increase!  For what gain?

APL 2022: 3.5% increase! For what gain?

APL 2022. The amount of the APL will be reassessed on 1 July to take inflation into account. How much will you earn? We tell you everything.

[Mis à jour le 29 juin 2022 à 11h43] The amount of APL paid by Caf will increase from July 1, 2022! In fact, your social benefits will be increased by 3.5% to take inflation into account, particularly due to higher energy and food prices in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine. The rise in consumer prices (5.2% in May over one year) should not improve in the coming months. During 2022, average inflation should exceed 5%. APL isn’t the only social benefits being revalued at the dawn of summer. The AAH and RSA (Active Solidarity Income) allowance will also rise slightly.

All of these increases are part of the purchasing power bill requested by Emmanuel Macron and presented to the Cabinet on July 6 before being submitted to Parliament. The second good news, APL recipients will also be able to take advantage of a completely new system put in place by the government, the food voucher. An exceptional bonus of €100 plus €50 per dependent child, to be paid at the beginning of the 2022 academic year without any action on your part. A transfer will be made to your bank account, on the same principle as the last inflation premium.

Personal housing assistance, known as APL, is a social benefit paid by the Family Assistance Fund (CAF). Its purpose is to reduce your rent amount. Be careful, not everyone can claim it. To determine your eligibility, CAF considers your residence status, income and family status (as a married couple, single, with or without children). a resource cover It must not be bypassed to claim personal assistance with accommodation. Note: Since the beginning of the year, the APL account has changed. From now on, the CAF takes into account the income of the beneficiary for the past twelve months, and no longer the two-year-old resources. This change led to a decrease in APL for many recipients, or even its disappearance for some. Young workers, as well as students under professional contracts, were among the first to be punished with this reform.

You have the possibility to run a simulation of eligibility for the APL on the Caf website, here, or on the government-created My Social Rights website, here. You will have to fill in your family status (single or as a couple, with or without dependent children), your personal status (pregnancy, parental leave, job seeker, student, etc.) Shared rent, if it is furnished or not …), as well as your resources. Through my Social Rights website, you will get details of all the assistance you can claim depending on your situation.

Wondering about the effect of the reform on the amount of housing assistance allocated to you? Consult our custom profile:

To determine your APL amount, the Family Benefit Fund uses a scale. This takes into account the applicant’s resources, his professional situation, the geographical location of his place of residence and the composition of the family. Then determines the maximum amount of support. Here are the metrics that have been applied since the decree of September 25, 2020:

family composition Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
One person €296.82 €258.59 242.46 EUR
Unaccompanied couple 357.99 € €31,664 €293.92
Couple with one dependent 40,460 EUR €35,630 €329.56
For each additional person 58.70 € 5,186 EUR 4723 EUR

Reminder, Zone 1 belongs to Ile-de-France, the towns of Zone 2 with a population of over 100,000, and other new towns. Region 3 consists of the rest of France. In addition to your rental amount, your resources are taken into account. “If there are resources less than a certain amount, a minimum amount of resources, that is, a fixed rate, can be recorded automatically in certain cases,” we can read on the dedicated Caf website. “For example, for resident students, €4,900 when the applicant is a scholarship holder, or €6,000 if the applicant is not a scholarship holder.”

The resources considered are the resources of the past 12 months. It is automatically updated every 3 months. So you don’t have to do anything. Café or MSA automatically recovers the amount of your resources, mainly from taxes, from Pôle emploi.

yes. Personal housing assistance can benefit rentals, but also shared accommodation and hostels (student housing, for example), provided that the accommodation is your main residence and is located in France. As a student, remember that you must meet the income criteria set by the Family Allowance Fund.

The application procedure is carried out entirely online on the Caf website. To compile your file, you will need to scan an identity document, your bank account statement, and a rental or residence certificate signed by the landlord or hostel. Make sure to apply for the APL as soon as you move into your new accommodation, because the first payment comes after two months.

The retroactive effect of this assistance has been removed. Personal housing assistance is paid monthly (the twenty-fifth of the month for HLM recipients and the fifth of the following month for others). Generally, it is given directly to the landlord or lender who must deduct it from the amount of rent or monthly payments for the loan you have contracted.

The owner of the APL refers to the accession of the APL, which aims to facilitate home ownership. The goal is to reduce the amount of monthly payments you will make to the bank. This service is reserved for humble people. Since 2018, his terms have been very restrictive. You must now sign a state-assisted loan to claim it, and before January 1, 2020. You cannot take advantage of it with an approved loan. New homes are also excluded from the scheme. So the fate of the latter is to disappear.

To qualify for the APL, it is necessary to be tenantwhere subtenant (declared to its owner) a residence that is rented in whole or in part, provided that it is not 30 years of age or is housed with a foster family.

No minimum age requirement. Thus, a minor child can receive an APL, but the lease must be signed or signed by his parents. The rent receipt can be issued in the name of the minor. If he is an emancipated minor, the lease must be in his name. Foreigners must have a valid residence permit. Citizens of EU member states and other states party to the European Economic Area Agreement are not required to obtain a residence permit.

The housing must meet the standards of decency. Residency must also be approvedIn other words, the lessor (or the managing organization) must have signed an agreement with the state that opens the right to the APL and assistance from Anah. added to this It means the test. CAF specifies ceilings that change according to the location of the residence and the composition of the family.

In order for the lessee to claim and benefit from the APL, the lessor must have concluded an APL agreement with the state. Without this agreement, the tenant(s) cannot benefit from Personal Housing Assistance (APL).

But then, how do you know if your dwelling is under agreement? First of all, we advise you to ask the question clearly with the lessor to avoid any misunderstanding. Then, to get approval, the dwelling must meet several criteria:

  • The amount of rent is determined according to the geographical location.
  • The tenant must not exceed a certain resource limit
  • The owner does not have the right to rent this dwelling to a member of his family
  • The agreement should last for a maximum of 6 years

When you know you are going to move to a new home, it is best to apply for the APL as soon as possible. Paying the APL is not at all retroactive, you risk losing the months during which you did not apply for the benefit.

In other words, if you move into a new apartment on May 1, 2022 and submit your APL application in July, you will not receive a benefit for the months of May and June. Even if you have paid the rent during these two months of staying in the residence.

You have the possibility to combine the two, APL and RSA. However, keep in mind that the RSA amount will be reduced. When a person qualifies for and receives an APL, the housing package applies to the RSA and reduces its value. It changes according to your family situation, according to your income, whether you are single, married or have dependent children.

Founded in January 2021, the reform of the APL calculation method modifies the method of calculating the housing allowance. Now takes into account the income Rolling last 12 months From the beneficiary, and no longer the penultimate year’s income. In other words, for 2022, we no longer take into account 2019 income, but income from the last 12 months before renting a new home.

Keep in mind that since withholding tax has been introduced, all information about your income and potential status changes is updated every three monthsalmost in real time.

With the 2021 APL reform, a large portion of the recipients have seen their APL drop dramatically. As explained above, the new calculation method is to calculate the recipient’s income over the past twelve months, and more during the penultimate year. In fact, 40% of beneficiaries now see their benefits reduced.

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