Assurance au Burkina : La GA ouvre une agence à Borgo (Ouagadougou)

Insurance in Burkina Faso: GA opens an agency in Borgo (Ouagadougou)

Residents of the Borgo region of Ouagadougou, located on the Ouaga-Fada axis and its surroundings, will benefit from 30 insurance products offered by the Générale des Assurances through its new agency. It was officially opened for this purpose, this Friday, July 1, 2022, during a ceremony.

La Générale des Assurances (GA) is doing “very well” thanks to its clients who trust it. It is constantly expanding its network throughout Burkina Faso and in all areas of the cities in which it is located. With its motto “We believe in you, we follow you”, it believes in and follows its customers for 25 years. The extension of the city of Ouagadougou requires them to follow their clients to Borgo. This suburban area of ​​the capital was just given new agency on Friday, July 1, 2022, during a celebration marked by the presence of big names in the business world in the “Land of Honorable Men”.

The Director-General of the General Assembly, Yannick Yves Jongung, noted that the ceremony is being held under the sign of the extension of representation of the General Assembly

The General Director of Public Insurance, Yannick Yves Jongung, said that this ceremony is marked by the extension of the representation of the General Assembly at last to bring it closer to the “dear” insured. While it is normal for them to get close to their customers, it is “necessary” to locate proximity from all points of view, including physical proximity.

Moreover, residents of Borgo and surrounding areas have a total of 30 insurance products, including 16 “non-life” products and 14 “lifetime” products now on hand, Yannick Yves Gongong said. The peculiarity of this agency, he said, is that it plans to guarantee the entire sign-up process in 30 minutes and deliver the product to the customer wherever he is.

GA General Agent Larba Lankoandé wants to give this agency a special touch

This innovation was confirmed by the general agent of the Borgo General Insurance Agency, Larba Lankoandé. The latter is not his first creation of GA. In 2020, he holds the inception of Vada Ngorma and also in 2021, the agency Tenkodogo. “It has been two years since the General Assembly trusted us by opening the first branch in Fada in 2020, and the second in 2021 in Tenkodugo,” he said.

This ceremony is of great importance because it marks the beginning of an initiative that will contribute to the development of the Borgo region and its surroundings and thus to our entire country, in the opinion of Suleiman Ouedraogo, representative of the sponsor Gala, Bangba Mohamed Sougli, President of the SOPAM Group. According to him, the inauguration of this agency is carried out by a young “dynamic” who realized that the future belongs to businessmen. He is not on his first initiative. The two agencies he opened in Fada and Tenkodugo fully satisfy the people who adopted them.” For the residents of Borgo, Mr. Ouédraogo encouraged them to adopt this new agency because GA is a partner of national and international reputation, reliable and experienced.

The event sponsor’s representative, Solomon Ouedraogo, encouraged the residents of Borgo to adopt this new agency for GA

General Insurance Offers

Générale des Assurances’ insurance offers are varied and multidimensional. Thus we can cite car insurance that allows you to remain calm in the event of an accident or in the event of a breakdown. It is a new product of car insurance exclusively in Burkina Faso since September 2021. There is an insurance test group for borrowers or bank credit that allows families not to worry about the repayment of financial obligations to institutions after death.

This reimbursement will be provided by GA. Multi-risk professional insurance covers the professional activities of the contributor to enable him to obtain the assistance of the general insurance in the event of a fire in his premises. The co-educational pension insurance provides a guarantee of payment for the education of children.

The ceremony was sponsored by the head of the consular delegation of the center, Hamido Ouedraogo

This is a new product that combines savings and savings insurance. On the other hand, transportation insurance comes to help when an accident occurs in transporting your goods. There is health insurance to cover expenses related to illnesses, accidents and maternity. Générale des assurances is present in ten regional capitals and has 30 representations in Burkina Faso.

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