New information obligations for private rental ads

New information obligations for private rental ads

Following the specialists since April 1, it is the turn of individuals to provide better information to future tenants in their rental advertisements, regardless of the medium used.

As of Friday, July 1, advertisements relating to the rental of housing must state the full series of information regarding the property in question, the pricing terms for such rental as well as the possibility of rent control to apply in the areas concerned by this system.

In order to ensure a level of consumer information equivalent to that already provided for advertisements published by professionals, the order lists the information to be provided:

  • The municipality and, if applicable, the area in which the property is located.
  • The area of ​​the rental property expressed in square meters of living space. The surface area of ​​unfinished attics, basements, basements, sheds, garages, terraces, loggias, porches, dryers outside the dwelling, balconies, common areas and other outbuildings of dwellings, nor parts of buildings with a height of less than 1.80 m.
  • Monthly rent amount, increased if necessary by rent and surcharges (refundable by the landlord), followed by a mention ” In month “ and, where applicable, the phrase “fees included”. It can be respectively abbreviated as ” /Month “ And the ” Copy “.
  • The amount of the refundable fee entered in the lease agreement and in any case the terms of payment of such fee.
  • The amount of any security deposit required.
  • The furnished nature of the rental should show if this is the case.
  • The amount, including all taxes, of any fees charged by the tenant because of taking inventory.

rent control

For properties located in areas where rent control is applied (eg Paris, Lille, Lyon, Villeurbanne, Bordeaux or Montpellier), the statement “rent controlled area” It should appear and be followed by the increased reference rent amount preceded by the words “Reference rent increase (must not exceed base rent)”. The amount of the base rent should also be mentioned, as well as the potential amount of additional rent required if the residence has special characteristics of location or comfort compared to the neighboring residence.

The purpose of these commitments is to provide future tenants with better information and to reduce advertising that does not comply with rent ceilings.

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