Car insurance in Algeria: All you need to know about good insurance standards

Car insurance in Algeria: All you need to know about good insurance standards

Algeria – For better car insurance, you must know the main criteria that must be considered to make the right and most appropriate decision. In this new version, we give you all the details.

Car insurance is essential for safe driving. However, the law requires only one guarantee and that is civil liability that covers bodily injury and material damage to third parties. You are interested, but you do not know what criteria should be taken into account for better car insurance, in Algeria?

You don’t have to worry about that anymore. We provide everything you need to know in this new edition of Dzair Daily. This guarantee is certainly mandatory, but it may be insufficient compared to the severity of the damages. As you will notice, other types must be included. In fact, a good insurance contract should include five (05) main types of guarantees.

As mentioned above, the first is the civil liability of the owner. Others are added, vehicle damage that covers vehicle repairs and replacement. In addition to damage to passengers, defense and asylum to cover the costs of experts. As a last point, you need to find help, restore the car and others.

The main criteria for good insurance

Insurance companies generally offer formulas including various warranties, in particular all-risk insurance. You should know that the simplest formula contains only civil liability. As for the more comprehensive formula, this formula includes some important points. Among others, Civil Liability (RC) and Vehicle Damage with or without Collision (DASCl) warranties.

This is not all! You can also find theft, fire (VIV), broken glass (BDG) and defense and return (DR) insurance. And finally, the Transported Persons (PT) insurance. For accuracy, the latter relates to the latest vehicles. Knowing that between the two formulas, there are several others depending on the type and number of collateral.

In addition, depending on the number and nature of exceptions, the rate of compensation trumps all. Whatever damages incurred, compensation can be calculated in relation to two points. In fact, the valuation is either based on actual costs or is pre-fixed in the lease in a lump sum. Sometimes these formulas have different names, so feel free to see what they cover.

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