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Lot and Garonne. Economy: Garonne Initiative sets record year

Patricia Volo, Director of the Garonne Initiative, Jean-Bernard Delby, President of the Association, VGA Representative with whom collaboration has been strengthened, and René Zaros Vice President for Economics. (© The Republican/VN)

The health crisis increased tenfold the desire to “work differently,” particularly the desire to be self-employed; The trend was felt in the Garonne Initiative which, in 2021, recorded 17% of additional business creation or acquisition projects!

With another good news: the acquisition of side companies due to the fact that there are almost too many innovations.

These are also 128 local jobs Created or preserved last year with the support of the association.

It must be remembered that the Garonne Initiative provides global support that, from experience and feasibility studies by volunteer professionals, to granting one or more loans because the association manages as many aids as possible (region, Europe, etc.)), but also training, access to its network or Accompanied by a guarantor or even monitoring the activity during the period of the loans, offers a escort Unmatched.

So much so that the sustainability rate of companies monitored by the Garonne Initiative is up to 97% in 3 years compared to 70% nationwide! “The pride of our community,” stressed President Jean-Bernard Delby during the General Assembly, which prepared an assessment that could not be more positive.

effective training

108 honorary loans (interest-free personal loans) representing €735,000, including €410,000 of its own funds, were injected into the local economy in 2021.

The Garonne Initiative also partners with comp Less than 7 years in growth, but this component is still very little known to entrepreneurs.

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On the other hand, courses such as managing your business, calculating the selling price, enhancing your sales approach, and developing your connections have been a huge success with more than 150 participants last year.

Assessment, training, training and account acquisition during the loan period bears fruit and reassures bank partners.

Patricia Volo

The highly leveraged support since the Honor Loan, which is often a personal contribution before being pumped into cash or intangible investment (which are rarely financed by banks), generates an average of 8 times the Bank Loan!

Especially since with the short and free courses offered, an increase in skills follows.

and with a network Of the sponsors getting stronger, the Garonne Initiative asserts itself as a safe bet for any new entrepreneur aiming to improve their chances of success.


The Garonne Initiative operates throughout the Pays Val de Garonne Guyenne Gascogne, ie 4 municipalities in the west of the department.

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