Real estate: the French market is weaker due to the global economic context - Forbes France

Real estate: the French market is weaker due to the global economic context – Forbes France

Meilleurs Agents, the leading online real estate appraisal company, has revealed its national real estate price scale. According to their analysis, the French real estate market had a somewhat shy month in June.

except Montpellier With prices down -0.3% since our last gauge, all major French cities (including the capital) are green, or at least have seen their prices stable. So they didn’t move ToulouseAnd the Nantes And the Bordeaux (0%) and almost none in Paris And the reindeer (+ 0.1%). whether Lions (+ 0.4%) as well cute – good And the night (+0.5%) They definitely do a better job, the slight upward pressure recorded in these three municipalities is nothing exceptional.

Marseille + 6.1% in 12 months

Just Marseille It has really stood out over the past 30 days with another +1% increase, up until last May. In terms of price hikes over the past year, the Bouches-du-Rhone province is now largely in the lead. with + 6.1% growth in real estate prices over the past 12 monthsincreases sixfold Lions And the Nantes (+1.1%) for example, and nearly four times as much Toulouse (+1.6%). And what about Paris, which, in the same period, saw its prices fall by -2%.

Senior Agents

property price

Boring start to 2022 compared to previous years

The lack of atmosphere in the market in June is finally a symptom The general slowdown in real estate since January Refers to the best agents. In fact, compared to the first half of previous years, the first six months of 2022lack of dynamism emphasis. For example, while prices nationwide rose this year by +1.7% between January and June, they rose respectively over the same period by +2.5% in 2018 and +3.4% in 2019 and 2020. As for the first six months of 2021 , a particularly dynamic period after Covid, have seen prices rise by +3.8% across the country.

Note: The French real estate market does not know the dynamic that carried it throughout 2021 and its record of 1.2 million deals in the old. At present, real estate prices fluctuate between stable and very slight increase, except for Marseille And rural semi-urban still dynamic. A growth rate that contrasts with the past two years, especially since the rate hike announced in the second half should not help this situation.

Credit status affects demand that is still very

In this somewhat flat context of the market, demand, paradoxically, is not weakening. property stress indicator From Senior Agents brushes 20% in inner Paris And in the vast majority of the 10 largest municipalities. Within three months, this indicator has progressed on average by an average of three points In the largest cities of France. In the face of a market where demand is greater than supply, the global context around inflation and high borrowing rates, among other things, seems to directly affect the projects of the French. Indeed, the marked rise in borrowing rates for several months in France is already weighing on the real estate purchasing power of households.

According to the Governor of the Bank of France, by the end of the year, borrowing rates may rise to 3%.

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