What personality does your zodiac sign depend on?  - CNET

What personality does your zodiac sign depend on? – CNET

Netflix show first murder He resurrected vampires in popular culture – fans are patiently waiting for the announcement of the second season of the fantasy romance show. Based on a short story by VE Schwab, the series follows the forbidden love between super hunter Calliope and vampire Juliet. It proved to be a huge hit with fans, who resonated with the couple’s story and the excitement of the show.

As the worlds of Cal and Juliet collide in the show, there’s a rich tapestry of characters for fans to explore. All of the characters first murder Driven by a unique motive, viewers may want to know which ones show distinctive traits of their zodiac sign.

Eleanor Vermont – Aries

Eleanor Vermont, Jules’ older sister, isn’t afraid to wholeheartedly embrace her vampire heritage. She has little respect for those outside her family and doesn’t care if she feeds on humans until she dies.

Obviously, Elinor is an Aries. She is bold, brave, ambitious, yet impulsive and ruthless. Nor was Elinor afraid to stand up to her grandmother, having refused the arranged marriage and had become merely an instrument of the central cause of the vampires in Legacy.

Jack Burns – Taurus

The father of Theo, Apollo and Cal, Jack Burns is a relentless and disciplined vampire hunter who will do whatever it takes to do the right thing. This is because Jack has first-hand experience of what happens to those who break the rules.

When Theo transforms into a supernatural being that Jack has sworn to kill, Jack is more than ready to take down his son. As a Taurus, Jack is defensive about his point of view and rarely backs down on what he thinks is right, even if it really means killing his son.

Apollo Burns – Gemini

Like Theo, Apollo Burns is very dedicated to being a vampire hunter. However, Apollo knows how to lose and have fun. He also knows how to have fun and is willing to take risks to achieve his goal.

Geminis are emotional, fun-loving, and adventurous, traits that Apollo also considers guilty. However, Geminis are likely to cause a mess if they are not careful. That’s exactly what happened with Apollo, where he accidentally bet on a loved one at the end of the season.

Sebastian Vermont – Cancer

Married into the Legacy family of vampires, Sebastian Vermont is overshadowed by his wife, daughters, and stepmother. Sebastian also had to travel through a supernatural world where he is considered a second-class being thanks to his not-so-ancient vampire roots.

Sebastian is a true Cancer because they are known for being calm, but very protective of the ones they love in life. It’s also best to avoid cancer of anger, as they tend to suppress their feelings until they reach a breaking point, as seen with Sebastian devouring his stepmother.

Noah Harrington – Leo

Noah Harrington a student at Lancaster Academy secretly met Ben. Noah keeps his relationship with Ben a secret, because he already has a girlfriend. However, Ben continues to yearn for Noah because he is a famous student who is also handsome and loves sports.

When on screen, Noah never fails to capture viewers’ attention with his charm, a common trait in Leo. Being a fire sign, Leos are incredibly excited but don’t see the consequences of their actions. This is evident in Noah’s decision to continue dating Ben despite having a girlfriend.

Calliope Burns – Virgo

Calliope Burns is a vampire hunter who didn’t kill her first victim at the beginning of the series. After training her all her life to destroy supernatural creatures, Cale had to abandon his plan to kill his first vampire after he fell in love with her.

Cal is a virgin book. Virgo is methodical, firm and persistent. However, Virgos easily succumb to rudeness and tact, which Jules does, despite his social awkwardness. Cal and Jules are real couple goals, and as a Virgo Cale fell in love with Jules because she believed he could help her reach her full potential.

Ben Wheeler – Libra

Everyone needs a friend like Ben Wheeler. On the show, Ben is Jules’ ticket to not being discovered as a vampire. As a celebrity kid, Ben knows everyone at his high school and has even managed to catch Noah, the sports star, even though their history remains a secret.

Libras are very social beings and enjoy the most when they are around people. Perhaps that’s why Ben found his place at Lancaster Academy as the famous kid that everyone flocks to.

Theo Burns – Scorpio

Theo Burns is one of Cal’s brothers. As the older brother, Theo had superior vampire killing skills compared to Cale. However, it seems Theo isn’t immune to vampire magic either, as he was caught dealing with Ellinor in the latest episode of the show.

Theo is strong, strategic and calculating – characteristics are often attributed to Scorpio. Theo also appears as Scorpio through and through, as his entry into the vampire world is deeply driven by childhood trauma.

Talia Burns – Sagittarius

Talia Burns is the mother of the Burns family. There are some things that first murder does better than The Vampire DiariesAnother great vampire-focused TV show that highlights the suffering of parents and families.

Talia may be very dedicated to her profession, but she’s willing to throw her principles out the window for the sake of her family. As Sagittarius, Talia is loyal to those she loves and is more than willing to turn her back on her cause only to save her son Theo.

Margot of Vermont – Capricorn

The Vermont family is fortunate to have Margot of Vermont. The mother of Jules, Elinor, and Olver, Margot is an understanding character on the show stuck at a crossroads – she wants to keep all her children happy while maintaining her family’s influence in her town and the vampire community.

Margot’s willingness to do everything in her power to solve the problems facing her family shows that she is a hard-working and adaptable Capricorn. Capricorns are also willing to sacrifice everything they have, as long as they know that what they are going to get is their equivalent.

Oliver Vermont – Aquarius

Produced by VE Schwab, the Netflix show features lovers trapped between their arrogant parents and eccentric siblings. Oliver Vermont, Jules’ estranged brother, is one of the most devious and weird characters on the show, though he later reveals that he’s just out for revenge.

As an Aquarius, Oliver is interested and eccentric. His motives for Jules may not be clear, but he is determined to help Jules find his place in the world as a vampire. Aquarians are also very vengeful, as evidenced by their deep hatred for their sister Elinor.

Juliet of Vermont – Pisces

Jules and Cal are one of the best naughty blonde couples on TV today. When she first appears on screen, Jules may confuse viewers because she is everything that isn’t a vampire. She is very gentle, shy, and not a big fan of violence. However, Jules had to reveal himself and accept his destiny to drink blood to stay alive.

Jules is a classic whale. Jules is sympathetic, caring and kind. Jules’ Pisces side is also more evident when she’s with Cal, because she’s not afraid to be passionate and intense when she’s with her partner.

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