Crit'Air 3: Greater Paris ban postponed to July 1, 2023

Crit’Air 3: Greater Paris ban postponed to July 1, 2023

Initially scheduled for July 2022, the ban on the circulation of vehicles bearing the Crit’Air 3 sticker in the metropolitan city of Paris will be postponed to 1Verse July 2023.

This is a new reprieve for owners of cars classified Crit’air 3 in Ile-de-France: in fact, while the ban on its circulation in metropolis of paris It was scheduled for July 2022, this was postponed for a yearIt is effective in 1Verse July 2023.

It was the Métropole du Grand Paris (MGP) who announced it Excellent news for motorists in Ile-de-Franceforced to take their car to get to their place of work or for business trips: according to the MGP, not all conditions that would allow the timely implementation of this traffic ban were met.

Vignette Crit’air 3: Ignition Delay

The Métropole du Grand Paris rejects responsibility for this delay on the state, with regard to two main points: First, the MGP plan was not recognized as “Experimental area to implement a zero-rate loan in order to reduce the balance that the most modest families must pay”and facilitate access to a newer vehicle through financial assistance.

The second obstacle to implementing this traffic ban is that speed cameraswhich makes it possible to punish non-compliance with Crit’air vignettes, Not yet approved. To date, police searches are still rare, but this should not continue any longer.

Vignette Crit’air 3: Who is involved?

The Crit’air 3 . thumbnail Applicable to motor vehicles diesel Put it into circulation before 2011but also motorized vehicles essence Put it into circulation before 2006. Relatively modern models, but above all they are owned by unpretentious motorists who cannot change them.

In fact, the models concerned with the Crit’air 3 poster do not represent less than 14.3 million cars In France too 41% of the park car. In the metropolitan Grande Paris, vehicles that do not meet the ZFE (low emission zone) standards are prohibited from driving Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., excluding weekends and public holidays.

Vignette Crit’air 3: What are the exceptions?

There are exceptions to the traffic restriction system in ZFEs: in fact, vehicles driven by disabled people with a CMI (Carte Mobilité Inclusion) card, buses and public transport are exempt from the Crit’air sticker. , or vehicles of general interest and priority.

Market supply vehicles, moving trucks, vehicles used in film or television shooting, or transport vehicles for sporting events are also exempt.

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