Environmental activists step up shocking work in English museums

Environmental activists step up shocking work in English museums

Activists covered a canvas from the National Gallery to depict landscapes ravaged by pollution. Van Gogh, Turner, Constable… This is the fourth work of its kind in less than a week.

This is a reason they are closely associated with it. In less than a week, environmental activists from the British group Just Stop Oil got their hands on a fourth plaque kept in British collections. Two activists covered a painting in the National Gallery in London on Monday, hay cart Painted in 1827 by John Constable (1776-1837). Activists pasted an image representing a rural scene butchered by fossil fuels, before sticking to the framework.

“This painting is part of our heritage but it is no more important than the 3.5 billion men, women and children already at risk due to the climate crisis.”Said one activist, a 22-year-old music student. No information was provided regarding the state of the painting on Monday at the end of the day. According to information sent by the London police to AFP, the Just Stop Oil activists have not been arrested.

Prior to the collective work at the National Gallery, three paintings on display in the UK had already paid for Just Stop Oil’s hands-on operation. After getting hands-on on Wednesdays with Scottish Landscapes by Horatio McCulloch (1805-1867) presented at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow, then, on Thursdays, on Peach Trees in Blossom by Van Gogh (1853-1890) at a gallery Courtauld, and activists resurrected at Manchester Art Gallery on Friday. Two young men in flowing orange T-shirts with the name of their movement put a glue-stained hand on a tire Aeolian Harp ThompsonView of the River Thames drawn by William Turner (1775-1851) in 1809.

Activists at Just Stop Oil, at the National Gallery, in London, hand affixed to the frame of a painting by John Constable covered in an environmental mould. Carlos Gasso / Agence France-Presse

Why get your hands on these three tranquil country landscapes? To highlight the collective struggle against fossil fuels, and thus the destruction of the world of culture. Our wildlife and landscapes have been destroyed and we face famine and war. Our government is accelerating this mess by allowing new fossil fuel infrastructure.” The British daily reported that one of the activists said Friday that one of the activists had grabbed a painting by William Turner Watchman . No one is entitled to a permit. By refusing to use his power and influence to help end this madness, the art world is complicit in this genocide.”

Before sticking to work at the Manchester Art Gallery, the two activists also marked the floor in front of the painting, writing in purple their slogan “No New Oil” (There are no new oil projects.). According to a press release from the Just Stop Oil Collective, the Thames River region depicted in William Turner’s painting may find itself underwater regularly as of 2030.

Stop all oil and gas projects

The English Language Fair was evacuated by the Greater Manchester County Police Force on Friday. After a 40-minute intervention, the police imprisoned the activists on charges of damaging public property. according to Manchester Evening News The painting and its frame were immediately inspected by the curators at the Manchester Art Gallery. The museum has not reported the incident since Friday. On the other hand, the Courtauld Gallery, where another group of activists picked up Van Gogh’s painting, said the French artist’s painting had not been distorted.

Similar to Extinction Rebellion, the Just Stop Oil Collective is calling for the immediate halt of all new oil and gas projects. It has emerged in recent weeks in the UK by implementing various blocking measures. On Sunday, five activists disrupted the British Grand Prix at Silverstone by storming the track.

The group made up mainly of youngsters between the ages of twenty and thirty made headlines in March, cutting off a match between Everton and Newcastle clubs in Liverpool. Louis McKechney, 21-year-old president of Just Stop Oil, told AFP in June he was ready to become Public Enemy No. 1 To sound the alarm about the climate crisis. What is more important? This blackboard? Or a future?Thursday, summed up the activists who intervened around a Van Gogh painting in London. In one end: to remain non-violent.

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