Invest-Preneur, experts in real estate investing with extremely high profitability

Invest-Preneur, experts in real estate investing with extremely high profitability

While he was a senior executive in the airline industry, fatherhood changed Julian Malingo’s priorities. When he wanted to work less without losing quality of life, he turned to real estate investing in order to generate passive income. ” Over time, I was making more and more passive income while making capital gains from reselling. Relatives were interested in my new lifestyle, so I guided them individually, and then in groups This is how Invest-Preneur, a real estate investment school was born to learn how to make wise real estate investments, manage a real estate portfolio, and generate passive income from day one rental and not at the end of real estate credit.

The least we can say is that the real estate context is suitable for making investments. With nearly 1.2 million deals executed in 2021 previously, the market is doing very well and buyers have plenty of room at their disposal. Moreover, interest rates are still low. “ The total cost of credit is still very low, so when you are in buyer’s position, there are very good opportunities to seize it because the health and economic crises are driving a lot of people to sell. Real estate is a cycle and many people, especially the younger generation, have understood that structuring heritage allows you to be more independent, to prepare your future Julian continues. Thus, Invest-Preneur has already trained more than 400 budding investors, thanks to its method that makes it possible to generate at least 1,000 € of net passive income per month from the first day of rental and not at the end of the mortgage.

A methodology that supports profitability

This is broken down into several phases, which combine e-learning for general information and group or individual sessions, for more advanced, more strategic and more specific issues. Thus, after determining his investment strategy and taxes most appropriate for his situation and goals, the investor will be able to draw up a business plan to find a profitable property from the first day of renting. Profitability is greater than 10% net and is calculated after deducting all operating costs, taxes and monthly loan payment which includes business, notary fees, agency fees and even furniture.

Then comes the search for a property that is easily recognizable anywhere in France, then the search for the best financing, the implementation of the work and the maximization of negative rents.

Finally, Invest-Preneur supports its members in improving their taxes and fulfilling their many administrative obligations. ” We rely on the experience of professionals such as accountants, lawyers, solicitors, brokers, architects, craftsmen, project managers, etc. ’” explains Julian with the goal that our members understand the techniques and strategies that were previously reserved for real estate professionals and real estate dealers.

Through his personal and professional experience, the coach is well aware of the challenges of real estate investing. He himself made failed investments that he does not consider failures, ” More mistakes but above all a form of learning Therefore, the goal of Invest-Preneur is to minimize risk in order to maximize the return on its real estate investment, so that the capital is secured and secure, but in addition, its members benefit from significant additional income immediately, to live their lives in a new way and secure their families and future.

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