Why are electric car fires increasing?

Why are electric car fires increasing?

In recent months, many electric cars have caught fire. AutoPlus tells you the reasons.

we know that, electric cars They are achieving more and more success. And for good reason, they are more and more numerous market, but it is not the only reason. In fact, if it always sells more, it’s also because of ZFE and other traffic restrictions. These force some motorists to put aside the internal combustion engine. It must be said that connected cars also have many advantages. in the lead, comfort Beside savings Thanks to them electric machining.

However, it is not without flaws. In fact, in addition to the concerns about recharging, there is also another, more serious danger. that fire.

big danger

Of course, even heat cars we are worried. If not more. but, Electric vehicle fires increasingly common today. The problem is, they are more difficult To take responsibility and stop it. But above all, one question arises: why do they look like that? more and more in number ?

To tell the truth, this is in particular due to a concern related to the equipment manufacturer. This is LG, whose batteries tend to ignite on their own. Last summer, General motors It took action by asking owners of Chevrolet Bolt not to charge it unattended and not to stop it indoors.

huge summon

In fact, as our colleagues from SouthwestThese batteries were Assumptions. Defects that can start then set fires. Since then, the summons have been issued by LGOn models from several brands. Among them, let us mention in particular Volkswagen, Mercedes, Hyundai Or even Chrysler. Since then, the concerns seem to have been resolved…but the risks may still be there. This applies to any vehicle, be it electric or thermal.

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