Compulsory insurance for robots: regulations being refined

Compulsory insurance for robots: regulations being refined

From an insurance point of view, autonomous robots should be considered motorized land vehicles.

Robots are now appearing on vineyards, vegetable farms, or even grain fields. But like any other self-propelled machine, it is not without risks. Therefore, the owners are obligated to insure them.

A machine running alone in a field with no one on board? What was considered science fiction a few years ago is now a reality. Will there be compulsory insurance for robots soon? Admittedly, current regulations set limits: “So far, theUsing the robot in an open environment It requires a worker nearby, but can do another job. The only requirement is that the robot be less than 250 meters to intervene in case of a problem,” Groupama points out in a detailed article on the topic. Another limitation: the robots cannot drive on public roads, or even tracks. This forces the owner to load them onto a trailer.

DrWhile waiting for specific regulations for robots

A specific list should be defined soon with more precision Legal Responsibilities of Using a Robot. Between the manufacturer, the owner, the user of the bot, or even the operator that manages the network, the exact range of Responsibilities in the event of a disaster caused by a robotIt can be confusing…

Even the 2017 European Parliament report suggests giving the autonomous robot a legal personality! Another suggestion: systemandroid registration This allows you to have a specific insurance policy. On the user side, we would like more flexibility to allow, for example, the bot to cross a special path separating two pieces on its own…

Compulsory insurance for robots: such as land vehicles

This topic becomes more acute as the number of bots is likely to increase exponentially in the coming months. France 2030 plan in favor of the acquisition of innovative equipment favorable to reduce phytose, in fact encourages the purchase of autonomous weeding robots, which perfectly fall into this category.

In the meantime, autonomous agricultural robots, like all agricultural equipment, must be secured. They should be considered motorized land vehicles. It is therefore subject to the obligation of civil liability insurance for “automobiles” in respect of damages to third parties (Article L. 211-1 of the Insurance Act), for example another employee working near the robot”, states the insurance company Groupama.

The robots fluctuate between 100,000 and 200,000 euros. Thus, this justifies that operators or comas can insure them, given their economic value. Especially since they also risk being the target of malicious acts, vandalism and insult. Example: a malicious person has a bad idea to put obstacles in his way…

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