FLY Josedeodo: "I think everything gets better with time"

FLY Josedeodo: “I think everything gets better with time”

FlyQuest is currently fighting for a place on the podium and is currently up to fourth overall, tied with CLG. posed a few questions to FLY’s jungle player Josedeodo, and the chance to talk about meta and his teammates.

I know you have already talked in the past about the quality of communication with this team, especially with Toucouille, Aphromoo and you. Do you feel that communication has improved even more? Or are you so organized that this kind of thing has become second nature to you?

Yes, I think everything gets better with time. And every aspect of the game, you are improving and communication within the team is one for us. Because first of all, my English is not the best.

So when there’s something wrong in the game about how to say something, or how to say something, they’re like yes, you better say it because your English is bad. And then, just like in the game, there’s Philip who doesn’t talk much during fights, and that leaves plenty of room to talk about likes Johnson and Tokwell.

You’re playing with a new player in Phillip, how was the transition to what seems like a quieter player than Cuomo?

I think his work in the corridor is really effective. His moves might not be better compared to Kumo, because Kumo was a bit better, but I think Phillip is really good in team fights. He does not worry, he just goes there, not uttering a word. You know, it’s like “I’m going” and then boom.

What he sees in the game is really excellent. It’s something we also lack. I think it’s really good to develop it. Although people say he wasn’t ready, I think he was. We played scrim with Philip and he performed very well against the LPL team.

So yeah, they can say whatever they want, but I think he’s ready and really getting better every week.

Wukong was one of the big new things in this split with this new definition in the woods, a hero I’m not particularly known for. But you seem to have adopted it. What do you think of how the forest changes between spring and summer?

I think Riot picks a random forest; They have a menu, and they’re like “Maybe this hero is doing 200 in the jungle with skill”. Like last year with Morgana. They said, “Oh, maybe the Morgana W 500 will do monster camp damage,” so I’ll play with her. But it doesn’t mean we have a choice, Riot just decided the champ is good and thriving, he’s in the meta. This is what happened with Wukong.

The hero was not bad in the jungle, but now the net is faster and you can play with it. So I think it’s good to have a player who can adapt. I’m really good at learning heroes quickly. For example, the other day we played Udyr and not once did we play screaming.

For me the heroes I don’t know how to play are tanks, but now I’m better at tanks so I don’t have a problem. Perhaps the new champions, like Rumble at the time, are very strong and require a lot of training. But I don’t think that’s the case because Riot hasn’t done anything about it yet.


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