My Name Is Fresh From Monoprix, An Environmentally Responsible Loan Service

My Name Is Fresh From Monoprix, An Environmentally Responsible Loan Service

Do you need a raclette, printer, or electric guitar? Monoprix offers its customers the opportunity to borrow items free of charge for 48 hours thanks to its new “Je m’appelle reviens” service.

Monoprix is ​​rethinking its model to respond to shifting urban consumption patterns and launches a new environmentally responsible loan service: “Je m’appelle reviens”. Two stores of the Monoprix brand (which belongs to the Casino group) in Paris and Marcq-en-Barœul in the North are currently testing this new object loan service.

Encourage more responsible consumption

Why bother with a device that you will only use once a year? Maguelone Paré, who is responsible for transformation and innovation at Monoprix, says in a daily interview. Parisian. Drill, beer dispenser, disco ball, grill, raclette machine, cargo bike … So far, there are about fifteen pieces on display. Access to “Je m’appelle reviens” is possible without any requirement other than a bank fingerprint and a copy of the ID card.

After the probationary period, the rental service must be extended to the whole of France. We have launched this program to meet the specific needs of our clients. “It’s more environmentally friendly and of course more economical,” says Maguillon Barry.

If customers currently have to go to the store to reserve the required device, the app will allow in the long run to book online. It will be easier to see the availability of products. And for us, it will allow us to take a credit card fingerprint if necessary,” says Maguillon Barry.

Generate traffic in the store

The “Je m’appelle reviens” service is part of a broader strategy for the Monoprix brand to attract consumers and generate in-store traffic. As such, the Parisian brand in the 10th arrondissement has become a large laboratory of 250 square meters where a full range of new services are offered to customers: ultra-modern product offerings, e-commerce solutions and innovative services (“La Station” for cyclists, “La Santé”). au Quotidien”, a personal shopping service, etc.) to make life easier for city dwellers.

An independent area of ​​30m2 is now accessible 7 days a week out of business hours. Clothing sets with Ecotextile and dining with Linkee are also available year-round. Finally, to combat food waste, Too good To Go baskets are placed daily on the platform. “It does not bring any money to the brand, but it allows us to be of service, to make the everyday life of our customers easier. This is part of the life of the neighborhood, decoding Maguelone Paré. Of course, we also hope that it will increase traffic in the store.”

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