Nicholas Revell, former head of health insurance, named president of AP-HP

Nicholas Revell, former head of health insurance, named president of AP-HP

Nicolas Reville, former Director General of Health Insurance, then chief of staff for Jean Castix in Matignon, has been appointed head of the Paris Public Aid Hospitals (AP-HP). Appreciated by liberal doctors, this 56-year-old anarch succeeds Martin Hirsch.

The appointment of Nicholas Revell to succeed Martin Hirsch has been a whisper for several weeks. It is now done. The former director of the National Health Insurance Fund (2014 to 2020), chief of staff for Jean Castix, is now attacking the leading French hospital group (39 institutions, nearly 100,000 employees).

This anarchist (Leon Gambetta’s promotion), the son of writer Jean-François Reville and journalist Claude Sarrot, cut his teeth first at the Court of Auditors, before entering politics from the left where others presiding over Cabinet Bertrand Delanoe entered the mayor of Paris. He also served as Deputy Secretary-General of the Elysee for two years, alongside Emmanuel Macron under François Hollande. So he succeeds Martin Hirsch, who left his post against the backdrop of an unprecedented crisis at General Hospital, with 15% of beds closed and 1,400 nursing positions vacant at AP-HP.

“He’s the right man for the job”, from one “Very high intellectual and moral integrity”, Proud even of former Prime Minister Jan Castex. “It’s legit”, Jacques Battistoni, former president of MG France admits.

A rare director of health insurance appreciated by liberal doctors, we owe it to Nicholas Reville to reevaluate the consultation with the general practitioner, which, in 2017, went from 23 to 25 euros, or reimbursement under conditions of teleconsultation, or even the implementation of “zero load remaining ” For visual, dental and hearing care.

“Nicolas Revell knows health well, and we hope it will be on the side of the staff and users, and not just a conveyor belt of government policy, Comment in Le Monde on Dr. Olivier Melron, a cardiologist at Bichat Hospital and spokesperson for the Combined Hospitals Group. Martin Hirsch hasn’t sounded the alarm like he should have in years. If the caregivers leave, it is because they no longer have the means to provide quality care, and that is the crux of the problem.”

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