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Real estate prices, housing management, price hikes… 5 hot issues for the new housing minister

On Monday July 4, Olivier Klein was appointed Minister Plenipotentiary for Cities and Housing, under the leadership of Christophe Bachou, Minister of Environmental Transition and Regional Cohesion. Although the appointment of these two interlocutors is welcomed by the real estate sector, many files must be dealt with quickly.

Knowing the skills of Mr. Olivier Klein, we are satisfied with his appointment. On the part of the Association for the Living Environment for Consumption and Housing (CLCV), as with many other players in the sector, we welcome the appointment of Olivier Klein to the position of Minister Plenipotentiary for Cities and Housing. Pragmatic, connoisseur of issues, mayor of construction… traits abound since he took office on Monday, July 4th, under the leadership of Christophe Bachau, Minister of Environmental Transition and Regional Cohesion.

Housing World welcomes the arrival of Deputy Minister Olivier Klein

Henri Buzy-Cazaux, president of the Institute of Real Estate Services Management, paints a portrait of the man he considers cut out for the job: Taking over as mayor (Olivier Klein has been mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois since 2020) It’s a good choice, as far as they have An important role to play in the housing issue. For example, they are the ones who sign building permits. In addition, he knows the topic of ecological and urban renewal. He was head of the National Agency for Urban Renewal (ANRU), a critical tool for housing policy today. Finally, he is a man of social sensitivity.

Armed with all these qualities, the new minister will have to strive to find solutions to a large number of issues. In other words, Olivier Klein summer promises to be busy. MoneyVox evaluates the topics that players in the sector hope to see develop rapidly.

File No. 1: Anti-inflation

This is without a doubt the most urgent project. Henri Buzy-Casauce asserts that we must mitigate the violence of the consequences of inflation. Reducing the increase in rents or freezing them purely and simply? At the moment, this is the first option chosen with a maximum of 3.5%. We consider that everyone is making an effort and the approach is reasonable, commented Jean-Marc Turillion, President of Fnaim. A reasonable bet, he says, will be allowed Mitigating the effects of inflation during this difficult period Exceptional that we live.

We’re still calling for a rent freeze that would restore what semblance of purchasing power to tenants, the CLCV asserts. In terms of more targeted measures, we also support rent control As already the case in Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux. As the Consumers Association wants a Tariff shield extension Gas at least until June 2023 and a broader reflection on the extension of gas price regulation tariffs.

File N2: Review of the energy transition schedule

Prohibited lease rentals for G-rated housing in the Diagnostic Energy Performance (DPE) from 2025, 2028 for F-rated housing, and 2034 for E-rated housing: calendar mandated by the 2021 Climate and Resilience Act. By 2034, 4.7 million housing units will leave the private rental stock If nothing has been done by then. And while the government counts on 700,000 renewals annually, many see the project as difficult to sustain. Right now, what we’re seeing is that 700,000 people use Ma Prime Rnov every year, but that doesn’t mean 700,000 homes are being renovated annually, Fnaim warns.

Rent freeze, rent ban: New DPE’s penalty schedule

For Mal Bernier, spokesperson for broker Meilleurtaux, it is essential to review the timeline: we will not be able to impose obligations so quickly on owners who have such an impact, on their finances in particular. We must not forget that Among landlords, there are many who have mortgages on the back. It cannot be considered that every donor has the means to do this work in record time.

Especially since the question of the lack of materials and craftsmen is also present. There is already great demand, and the sector is likely to be even more so tomorrow with the renovation site, notes the Chamber of Real Estate Diagnostics (CDI-FNAIM). Employment is indeed a major issue and often is An obstacle to business development from the sector.

DPE, Energy Audit… With these new commitments, the best solution is to sell my home

For his part, Henri Buzy-Cazaux believes that the previous five-year period made it possible to set a course. From now on, you need a user manualTo find out how we will implement this ambitious policy. So far we have been told that this is what needs to be done, now we will have to tell you how to do it.

File n3: Increasing the debt ratio for certain commodities

During a press conference dedicated to families excluded from mortgage credit, broker Prieto presented a proposal on Tuesday that could make it possible to advance the environmental shift in housing: Increasing the maximum debt ratio from 35% to 38% To finance energy efficiency businesses, or directly to purchase highly energy efficient goods. With a shocking argument: This increase will not increase credit risk, thanks to a lower energy bill and the preservation of the asset’s value over time.

File n4: Improving the balance of areas

A file that fits more broadly with the issue of obtaining housing. Insufficient supply of housing, high prices, both for rents and for purchases … a lot of problems that can find answers in the rebalancing of the regions. The French are interested in medium-sized cities and rural communitiesHenri Bouzy-Cassaaux asserts that he must accompany them. Oversupply in these cities will lower prices and remove market tensions.

File n5: continuous wear rate until how long?

On July 1, the usury rate, after which banks are not allowed to lend, was raised every quarter (from 2.40% to 2.57%). But the Minister of Economy decided not to prejudice the method of calculation demanded by the banks and brokers. In January, we had rates of 1.10% and erosion rate of 2.41%, today We have 2% rates and a 2.57% erosion rate.asks Mal Bernier. This is not possible, there is nothing else going on. Because this nominal rate is added to the management fee, the borrower’s insurance…often, the overall credit rate (APR) exceeds the wear rate.

If the Banque de France confirms that it has not seen any obstruction in the granting of credit, the banks and brokers assure that it has already occurred and that it will be more evident over the months. To the point of forcing the government to step back from the question of how to calculate the rate of erosion?

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