Student housing: shared housing in priority neighborhoods

Student housing: shared housing in priority neighborhoods

Even before the school year started, the high school student knew her housing budget would be tight. 300 …

Even before the school year started, the high school student knew her housing budget would be tight. 300 euros with the grant and housing assistance. While she was accepted in Périgueux and Bordeaux for a DUT in social functions, she chose Bordeaux reluctantly. “I didn’t want to go there, but I compared the prices for a round-trip by train to Montauban, it was cheaper than Bordeaux. »

When all of her applications for Crous housing are rejected, she searches through traditional rental platforms and sometimes comes across scams, sometimes exorbitant prices.

“I started to panic, it was August and I had no solution!” the young woman recalled. Then she discovered in the housing section of her university’s website a presentation of the Kaps system, created by Afev (City Student Enterprise Association).

Create a social connection

She lived for two years at the Morris-Thorese residence in Biggles, and was incorporated into a priority area. She shares the 75-square-meter apartment with roommates Benjamin and Lucy. “It is social housing, I pay 200 euros for my room, excluding fees.”

This ruling is not without compensation. To integrate the site of collective solidarity, Victoria had to pass an interview with the people responsible for the device in Afev. Thomas Esteno, Curator at Bordeaux explains: “Regardless of the field of study, we try to diversify the profiles. All you need is a little time and motivation.”

Each Kapseur agrees to donate two hours a week to mentor with neighborhood youth. An experience that Victoria considered extremely wealthy. “I followed a 12-year-old boy from the neighborhood who did not have much self-confidence. I became interested in positive education to encourage him. It was discovered that he has great potential in science subjects!”

They also co-manage a shared garden with the residents. The Kaps coordinator in Bordeaux explains: “It is mutual enrichment. There can also be a lot of spontaneous actions, such as helping an elderly person perform tasks. »

Victoria concludes: “I recommend it to all students who want decent housing and who are willing to give time to a logical association!”

Kaps is spread in 30 French cities. In Bordeaux, it is available in the regions of Benauge, Saige (Pessac) and Maurice-Thorez (Bègles).

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