The Americans are back and ready to pamper themselves on their next trip to France

The Americans are back and ready to pamper themselves on their next trip to France

Graphs Tourists return to France after two difficult years due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The trend is clearly improving for tourism in France. Certes, plus de cars arrêtés au bas des principaux monuments ou des grands magasins de la capitale, mais il suffit de se promener dans les rues pour retrouver des queues devant l’entrée des principaux musées comme Le Louvre ouirs des troques plusés Last few years. Good news, while some regions of the world such as China, some Asian countries and Russia are still absent from subscribers.

After two years of travel deprivation, tourists decided to respond even if the Covid-19 epidemic marked a new upward phase (200,000 cases were recorded in 24 hours). According to the Tourist Office, the metropolitan city of Paris received 12.1 million visitors (60% foreign), between January and the end of May. This is 30% less than two years ago. But as the weeks go by, the downturn is reduced thanks to more and more numerous bookings, although often late.

The return of the Americans

According to a study conducted by the GfK Institute of Visa Cards *, foreign tourists have planned to enjoy their holidays in France. More specifically, Americans who plan to spend an average of approximately €7,650 for a stay of an average length of about ten days, knowing that 52% of that amount will be spent on site. So it is a daily budget of €400 which they plan to allocate mainly to restaurants. 31% of the budget for recreational and cultural activities will be spent on food services, 15% on entrance to historical sites and 15% on purchases.

Paris remains essential

Tourists still prefer the capital. However, when they have other destinations in their program, Marseille comes first, with 28% of those surveyed mentioning it. It is directly behind Disneyland Paris (27%), then Nice (26%), while Versailles and Lyon tied for fifth (22%).

Our Lady of the Guard in Marseille saiko3p /

As a reminder, the number of tourists in Greater Paris (the capital and the three provinces in the inner suburbs) reached 38 million in 2019 (all nationalities combined, including French), 12.3 million in 2020 and 18 million in 2021. The goal is to cross 33 million in 2022.

popular cultural activities

For 40% of foreign tourists, the main purpose of their stay in France is to visit historical sites and museums. While Americans say they prefer cultural activities, Belgians prefer relaxing and strolling in the fresh air, Britons tend to come to visit friends and family. To get around, half of the tourists plan to use the city’s public transportation, followed by train, taxi and rental cars.

Online interviews were conducted in May with people planning to travel to France in 2022, from the US (810), the UK (811), Germany (806) and Belgium (811) – a total of 3,238 people, based on 35 questionnaire questions.

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