Ymanci, affordable credit and insurance*

Ymanci, affordable credit and insurance*

sIn a very competitive market and in a tense economic context, the company is doing well. Interview with Mickaël Perrotin, Managing Director of the Premista Group, who explains why.

Openness to possibilities

Ymanci was born out of the clear conviction of its leaders: “Finance should not be a hindrance but rather a means to carry out one’s projects.”. Acquisition of real estate, work, car purchases, children’s studies, investing in SCPI are all projects that we can have without having the ability to finance them. Ymanci’s multidisciplinary expertise and experience gained over the past 20 years now allow us to offer loan, mortgage and insurance consolidation solutions for any client profile.

“To finance a project, we almost systematically consider a consumer loan or mortgage. However, depending on the client’s situation, this is not always the best solution,” Michael Perrotin explains. With access to a very wide range of conventional and alternative financing solutions, Ymanci and its teams strive to source the most appropriate financing product for their clients. Also, the investing client, together with the company’s experts, will find a financing product that adapts to his expectations, in the same way that the client is looking for a solution to reduce his monthly payments.

As Mickaël Perrotin adds: “We can all be supported to make sure we make the right decisions for all of our financial projects, from the simplest to the most offbeat.”

In addition to financing solutions, Ymanci provides its clients with a loan insurance comparison. Whatever the client’s profile, the tool identifies the insurance companies that can fit their situation. Clients with serious health risks, those performing a job that is considered “hazardous”, the elderly, non-residents for tax purposes or even highly capitalized clients, it is generally difficult to insure in the market. With Ymanci, these clients find competitive solutions that meet their borrower’s insurance needs*.

Accumulating credits under the magnifying glass

A car loan, a mortgage, a consumer loan… Almost one in two households has at least one loan and more than 11% have multiple loans (INSEE source). But each has its own rate, so that there are strong disparities from one credit to another. Therefore, to facilitate payments and benefit from a single and competitive rate, Ymanci offers credit consolidation at the heart of its business.

Contrary to popular belief, this solution is not limited to people who owe debt repayment. The scope of loan repurchase is much wider and also allows you to:

  • Reduce your monthly payments and rebalance your budget
  • Anticipate retirement and lower income associated with this stage of life
  • Finance a new project such as a renovation or a car purchase without increasing your monthly installments*
  • Investing in non-typical products such as artwork, wine-growing or sustainable intensification of crop production by generating new financing capacity.

By spreading the credit over a longer period with lower monthly payments and a safe rate, credit pooling becomes a real opportunity to materialize the borrowers’ projects. With very low, stable loan rates and sometimes lower inflation rates, borrowing for a longer period is not a bad strategy, especially if the goal is to obtain or enhance capital.

More flexible terms

Most of the time, credit is granted only if the borrower meets very strict criteria. The debt ratio of 35% (including the borrower’s insurance) is the limit that should not be exceeded to hope for a bank loan. At Ymanci, we think about comfort to live. In other words, if the indebtedness is higher but the remaining amount allows customers to meet their daily expenses, Ymanci can step in and finance it.

Privileged access to offers from a large number of banking partners gives the company broader credit and insurance access standards than traditional financial institutions. By partnering with the most influential banks in the market, Ymanci ensures that it receives the best conditions for its clients.

In this spirit, in 2020 it launched the Best Price Guarantee**, a customer promise that includes paying the difference if the customer finds an offer in a better position than theirs after signing the contract. “If we allow ourselves to fulfill this promise, it is because we want to assure our clients that by using our services, they will be guaranteed to find the best solutions in the market,” Michael Beirutin concludes.

To ensure its growth and development, Ymanci relies on the strength of the Premista Group, the leading banking brokerage business. The Premista Group consists of several agent companies, which are present throughout France with 150 agencies and 1,150 employees, freelancers and agents.

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