faire un dossier demande prêt immobilier

How do I apply for a home loan?

In general, the purchase or construction of real estate requires a real financial resource. It happens that the primary means that we have do not live up to the financial needs of such a project.

In this case, you can turn to financial institutions to obtain a mortgage. To do this, it is necessary to compile a file that can encourage the lender to respond favorably to the request. If you are planning to file for a mortgage, here are the basic criteria to respect.

The importance of the mortgage application file

Home loan procedures primarily follow certain general criteria. In other words, financial institutions check certain basic criteria before accepting a borrower’s application.

It is a good idea to create a file that can provide answers to financial institution exam topics. Thus, creating a mortgage application file is a definitive way to receive positive responses from the requested institution.

Speaking about the positive responses from the institution, it is necessary to include the acceptance of the file and the award of the required amount. A well developed and presented loan profile makes it possible to favorably advance mortgage procedures. This increases your chances of getting the required amounts as quickly as possible to implement your projects.

Components of a mortgage loan

Financial institutions are very demanding when it comes to granting mortgages to their clients. In general, the latter are obliged to provide several evidence of their professional, social, financial situation, etc.

This paper is the guide that forms the essential items to be collected in its portfolio. All these supporting documents to be submitted can be grouped into three categories. These are personal documents, documents related to resources and fees, and then those related to the real estate project.

Note that these documents must be sent in paper or PDF form to your contact. If you decide to include images, consider converting JPG to PDF first.

personal documents

The first condition of the home loan leads you to basically prove your marital status. This setup allows the bank to gain insight into your identity, family circumstances, location, etc. Thus, you must include the following personal documents in your file:

  • identity document (passport or identity card);
  • Proof of family status (baccalaureate certificate, marriage or family book, etc.);
  • Proof of residency dated less than three months (water, electricity, telephone bills, rent receipt, free residency certificate, etc.);
  • Employment contract with approvals if the borrower is an employee.

These are the general personal documents that financial institutions require the most. However, the requirements for these coins may differ slightly from one bank to another. So it may happen that your lending institution requires additional personal documents.

Documents related to borrower resources and fees

Apart from the social profile, the contacted bank must also ensure that the customer has a financial resource with which to respond favorably to the repayment deadlines.

In other words, you must prove that your income is up to the required mortgage level. Therefore, you must submit documents that provide information on your expenses and finances. The highest priority parts are:

  • the last two tax notices;
  • The last three employee payrolls and the last three balance sheet invoices for farmers, artisans, merchants and liberal professions;
  • Supporting documents for any credit to date;
  • Bank account statement for the last three months;
  • Any document that proves any income from the land (rents or others).

Apart from these documents, you must also fill out your pension or retirement certificate dated in the last three months if you are already retired.

It is also important to attach a certificate to the file from the café if possible. In addition, some banks require proof of personal contribution.

Documents related to the real estate project

Financial institutions are not limited to demonstrating fees, resources, or social status when it comes to housing loans. At best, they seek to reassure themselves that the credit request really depends on a real estate project on the horizon or in progress.

Therefore, the borrower must add to the application file documents related to his project. The most important parts are:

  • Promise to sell, assignment of sale (signed) or condition of attachment as possession prior to contract;
  • Building Permit ;
  • An estimate or proof of work to come, in this case for old residences in need of renovation.

Besides documents proving the disposal of usable property as part of the real estate project, you can also fill out a contract for the construction of your individual housing.

In addition, if you are a first-time buyer, you must submit documents related to your zero-rate credit application. This is basically a power performance certification, technical diagnostics, etc.

Steps to take to get the best possible record

It is true that your file should include a large number of documents that prove your excellent financial health and social goodwill. However, simply collecting these documents is not enough to reassure that they have met all the lender’s expectations.

Aside from presenting a good borrowing profile, you should take care of any overdrafts or recent large expenses. In either of these cases, you are advised to defer your credit application to have an ideal time to settle your accounts.

You should also ask for an amount that falls within the margins of your debt ratio. Also remember that the debt capacity does not exceed 33% of the borrower’s monthly income and expenses.

In addition, it may happen that you are faced with specific situations that make you doubt the proper functioning of your application. In this case, you can seek the advice of a real estate broker in order to create a more convincing mortgage profile.

In conclusion, to file a mortgage loan, you must attach a certain number of documents. This information should provide clear information about your marital status, expenses and resources.

In addition, you must include the file in the supporting documents for your real estate project. Apart from these documents that help in promoting your application, it is also necessary to respect some conditions related to the mortgage.

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