Lauren. Financial aid that you can claim once you have completed your baccalaureate

Baccalaureate results regressed on Tuesday. (© Brian Le Goff / News Rennes)

Baccalaureate at hand. good job.

Financially supported or not by your parents, ready to enter university, work study program or start working life… Apart from the Social Criteria-based Crous Scholarship, here are some aids you can claim in Laurenwith or without a baccalaureate degree.

If you receive a reference: Crous Merit Scholarship

The mention of “very good” in the baccalaureate gives access to merit help from Crous.

In the amount of €900, in several monthly instalments, it is awarded to scholarship holders (level 0 included).

You ask with the Student Social Profile (DSE) at

Provincial and Municipal Scholarship

In combination with this first aid, the department scholarship for higher education is broken down by department.

Future students, with or without a Crous Scholarship, whose parents live in Meurthe-et-Moselle, may apply for assistance from the department. Calculated on the basis of the family quotient, it varies between 700 and 1250 euros. Prize conditions and application file are available on the website of the Meurthe-et-Moselle department.

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Moselle, Meuse, and Vosges do not offer an equivalent system.

Some cities have budgets earmarked for merit-based aid for new baccalaureate holders.

regional aid

For students enrolled in health and social sector training courses accredited and funded by the greater region, the latter awards scholarships. The request is made on their site.

Other scholarships and aids are available for business study students or business innovators.

Loans and opening an account with state guarantee

Some banks, in partnership with the state, offer loans at zero percent, repaid after the end of the course, to students. The list of banks and terms of access is available on the public service website.

Banks offer, for some, up to 250 euros when opening an account, with or without mention of the exam. However, premiums vary from region to region.

Other help for special cases and training

The government portal allows you to see, on a case-by-case basis, the rights and assistance available.

Jeun’Est’s gateway to the area offers good deals available throughout the year.

Nation pupils and students without family support can claim most of the above aid by forming a social profile. During the year, for CROUS scholarship holders, a set amount of one-time (as needed) or annual stipend may be issued.

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