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Meaux Airshow ready to take off

After the success of the last three editions, the urban community of the Pays de Meaux desired the continuation of this air show (5 hours non-stop, notably Patrouille de France) which is part of the development of the aeronautical pole of the North Seine and the Marne.

Set on 102 square hectares of grassland by 200 volunteers, Meaux Airshow aims to restore 100 years of aviation history with a special focus this year on the Normandy Neiman Fighter Group, which celebrates its 80th founding.e Anniversary. This meeting is also an occasion for a meeting between visitors and actors in the civil and military aviation sector within the 5000m Exhibitor Village.2.

Today, Meaux Airshow is known as one of France’s premier air shows, and has managed to offer 40,000 spectators for free, without compromising the quality of the air show (more than 70 experimental aircraft from the Great War nowadays) or the animation on the ground (one hundred aircraft) . In addition to aircraft from across Europe, the Air, Aerospace, Navy and Army Light Aviation (ALAT) forces will be especially present.

“Promoting the science and history of aeronautics, by presenting a high-level aerial event accessible to as many people as possible, is the goal our association has set itself. Presenting a show in the air of course, but also on the ground with 150 historical reenactments, in order to allow spectators to Experiencing history for a whole day, this is the challenge that has been faced since 2014”, explains Patrick Montbronn, president of the “Les Ailes du Pays de Meaux”, organizer of the Meaux Air Show.

Spectators are advised to come before noon to avoid traffic problems. Please also note that car park access will be impossible after 14:00 for security reasons. Many free shuttle buses to be set up from Mo Station and Fairgrounds (9am-1pm one way and 4:30pm-8pm return) are preferred.

Existing aircraft: Nord1101, Dassault Flamant MD 311, Fokker Dr.1, Nieuport 28 Douglas DC-3, Yakovlev Yak3, Spitfire MkXI, Antonov An-2, Albatros L-39, North American OV-10 Bronco, North American T6, T 28, Corsair and Consolidated PBY Catalina

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