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The basics in a nutshell

Why go through a real estate agency? There are many advantages for individuals who want to save time, save energy, and increase their chances of finding the property of their dreams.

  • A real estate agent brings experience, tailored support, respect for the law, and mediation between you and the seller.
  • This professional advises you on all steps of your project, from obtaining your mortgage to carrying out the work thanks to his network of professional partners.
  • The agency fee is paid upon signing the sale contract with a notary and is the buyer’s responsibility (between 3 and 10% of the sale price).

Why go through a real estate agency
Property Search: Why go through a real estate agency?

Why go through a real estate agent for your search? Benefits

Searching for a Real estate to rent or buy It can seem like a real obstacle course: between property selection, visits, counter-visits, file submissions, and negotiations with owners, it’s a very time-consuming task. Contact a real estate agency Saves you time and money.


The first feature that explains it Why go through a real estate agencyOf course, they benefit from their experience. Real estate agents are experts who master both the peculiarities of a particular geographic sector and the challenges of the real estate market in general. According to the counties, he will be able to accurately analyze prices to find Good deal.

He is an interlocutor who cares about your needs, and will help you define and achieve your goals real estate project.
Even if compromises sometimes have to be made, it will offer you realistic characteristics regarding your expectations and budget. With his enlightened opinion, you can improve your standards and increase your chances of finding the property of your dreams.

Real estate agencies also have Large network of professionals and business contributors which are still inaccessible to individuals. The advantage for you is that your real estate agent will access many ads to display only the best ones. All you have to do is visit the properties at the times that suit you!

guarantor of compliance with the law

when we wonder Why go through a real estate agencyAnother advantage is immediately obvious: ensuring compliance with the law and all regulations relating to a real estate transaction. This collaboration begins with a file signature real estate statea mandatory document that allows the agent to advance their assignment and gain a better view of your needs.

For everything that comes under the legislation of documents exchanged with sellers’ owners, you will not have to worry about it: the real estate agent will study and advise you through all stages (make an offer and a corresponding offer, respecting deadlines, response, withdrawal, etc.).


good to know

The real estate agent must hold a professional card And follow-up regular training on the latest legislation related to real estate. That is why he is able to accompany you from the ground up, whether it is a loan application, carrying out work or signing an agreement of sale.

The role of mediator between the seller and the buyer

Finally, the last feature that explains Why go through a real estate agency : Relationship Management with Vendors. In fact, the real estate agent must maintain a neutral role during any real estate transaction because it works for the buyer as well as for the seller. He strives to satisfy both parties so that both get the best sale/purchase terms.

In its role as a mediator, it makes it possible to maintain Healthy and professional relationship. Whether during the search or the transaction, the support of the real estate agent allows you to save significant time, but also to be calmer and rely on the expertise of a trusted professional.

What are the steps to search through a real estate agent?

We have now answered the question: Why go through a real estate agency ?
But you still have to know how! To authorize an agent to search for an apartment or house, the steps are relatively simple. Here is an overview:

  1. Present your project so that the agent can choose the relevant properties and make visits;
  2. Make an offer on your favorite property;
  3. agree on a price with the seller (with or without negotiations) and make an offer to buy;
  4. The signing of the sale promise (the seller’s initiative) or the agreement of sale (the commitment of both parties) between individuals, with a notary or within the real estate agency;
  5. Find financing and submit a mortgage application if necessary;
  6. Signing the final deed of sale with a notary public in the presence of both parties.

If you “failed” at step 5 and the banks and credit agencies reject your home loan applications, you have two options: call at real estate broker Put the odds on your side and take advantage of its network to get a loan on good terms or cancel the sale. In fact, the sales agreement contains a file Prerequisite for getting credit : As a buyer, it protects you and allows you to cancel the sale for free if you justify 3 refusal of credits from different institutions.


Borrowing Advice

To realize your real estate project more easily, feel free to contact your bank since the start of the search for a credit simulation and find out how much you can borrow according to your criteria. Borrowing capacity. This saves you significant time and will optimize the budget for your purchase. It’s also a strong argument for the seller, who is sure they won’t stick to an insolvent filter (which could waste their time).

What are the criteria for finding a good real estate agent?

Now that I know Why go through a real estate agencyYou also need to know how to find and choose the right service provider for your real estate project. To be recognized as a good real estate agent, the latter must meet the following criteria:

  • Holds a professional card issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry : This certification ensures that the agent is authorized to practice, but also that he has obtained the necessary diplomas and followed appropriate training.
  • Have professional collective liability insurance : This insurance makes it possible to cover the amount of money that its customers can pay to it.
  • Understand your needs : Part of the effect also plays an important role in the cooperation between the client and the real estate agent. You should feel engaged, alert, and fully aware of the peculiarities of your geographic area or property class. Feel free to test your affinities and motives of your interlocutor as you will be asked to spend time together!
  • Get positive reviews from customers : Whether through a Google Business Profile or orally, find out more and get recommendations from past clients or locals. Comments are a valuable source of information!

Borrowing Advice

Why go through a real estate agency Alone while you can take advantage of the advantages Real estate agency network ? They often apply proven processes and have a much more extensive network of professionals, with an overall wider range of services.

How much does a real estate agent cost?

The Real estate agency fee It does not meet any specific regulations regarding its amounts. The latter is fixed between the seller and the agent. usually varies Between 3 and 10% of the sale price. Offered price “net seller” Agency fee is required to be added, while the price is shown Internet service provider It is already included in the displayed amount.

It is quite possible that Negotiate Agency Fee Since the real estate agent has every interest in getting the deal done. Whatever the reason, effort can be made at these costs, even if the room to maneuver remains relatively tight. In fact, it’s an effort the agency pays for itself!


good to know

The Agency expenses It is only paid upon the actual completion of the sale. So you must pay them on the day of signing the sale contract with the notary. A real estate agent cannot ask you for a deposit for visits or pre-sign a contract.


Why go through a real estate agency: what to remember

  • Expertise, time savings, tailor-made advice, compliance with legislation, intermediary role: the real estate agent is a key ally in the realization of your real estate project.
  • It accompanies you from A to Z on all stages of the real estate search and transaction, but also on obtaining a mortgage or putting you in touch with trusted and professional craftsmen in your sector.
  • It is the buyer who pays the agency fee when signing the sale contract with a notary, for a negotiable amount between 3 and 10% of the sale price.

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