Real estate: the stake in buying a property explodes

Real estate: the stake in buying a property explodes

According to one study, the amount that would be paid personally to acquire real estate, and thus obtain a bank loan, was not at all that high. explanations.

After prices and prices, personal contribution. In recent months, while the real estate sector is facing various increases, the volume of contributions has increased sharply. Thus, in the first half of 2022, to acquire a property, the French personally provided an average of 55,519 euros in the hope of obtaining a mortgage from their bank, according to a study by Century 21 reported by BFMTV. In detail, this amount corresponds to 21% of the total amount of the property price, if we omit the notary’s fee.

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The increase is very large. Indeed, in the second half of 2021, a personal contribution of 32,153 euros was required, or 13% of the selling price. In the first half of the same year, the figure fell to 24,872 euros (ie 10%). And if you want to acquire a property in 2016 and 2017, then the banks will not ask for any personal contribution, provided that they provide a loan over twenty years to be repaid in monthly payments of 1,000 euros.

Moreover, with inflation, Average acquisition amounts peak: €290,654 for a house, and €240,961 for an apartment. The French preferred to increase the proportion of debt financing in addition to their personal contribution 21st Century Analytics.

Only buyers over 50 see their share increase. Nothing surprising in this category often consists of second-time buyers with a higher personal contribution (caused by capital gains from the sale of their previous home). They are out of 34.8% of transactions, according to the media. The increase is greater among those over 60 years of age. Thus their share among buyers jumped by + 9.5%. Finally, 44.7% of sales are attributed to people under the age of 40.

The main property remains popular, with transactions totaling 63.4% (+1 points over one year). For its part, rental investment saw a very slight decrease (-0.7 points in one year), or 29.8% of acquisitions. With regard to second homes, the situation is somewhat similar. With a decrease of 0.4 points, this type of purchase accounts for 6.9% of real estate sales.

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