Testimonials - Recommendations.  “I took a loan for our trip”: they tell how their holidays were disrupted by inflation

Testimonials – Recommendations. “I took a loan for our trip”: they tell how their holidays were disrupted by inflation

A motorhome on the Atlantic coast, a road trip in the Alps, and a house that the family loaned in Brittany… More than one in two people (55%) are planning a vacation this summer, according to Ifop . study (PDF). A percentage increase compared to the summer of 2020 (47%), which was marked by the health crisis. But as inflation exceeded in May 5% mark over one year For the first time since 1985, future vacationers Stay tuned for expenses: a quarter of them expect a smaller budget than last summer. Choose your destination according to the price, leave for less time than usual or go to the market in choosing where to stay … How do those who have the idea of ​​leaving manage to adapt to the tight budget so often? Seven French people have responded to our call for certificates explaining these arbitrations.

>> Inflation: “There will be departures on vacation closer to home, for less and less time,” says one of the specialists.

Lawrence, school teacher and single mother, €2.550 per month

“Since my divorce, my 13-year-old son and I have only been going every summer for financial reasons. This year, with the increase in our petroleum budget, our standard of living has gone down: we have cut back on trips to avoid driving too much, we have sold our small above-ground swimming pool. We’ve been shopping at Lidl for a while now, and I’ll be waiting until next month for a dentist appointment.

We chose to go on vacation when it was the cheapest: early July. Usually, we rent a mobile home in Morbihan Bay. But this year, I used an online comparison tool to find the most expensive destination.

“This is the first time I’ve chosen my destination based on price.”

Lawrence, school teacher

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It will be a studio in a small residence with a swimming pool, in the Dordogne, for 1,000 euros for two weeks. Each of us would not have his room, because it was more than 300 euros. I try not to see it negatively, telling myself that we will discover new territory. I kept a small budget to be able to do activities on site and order pizza one evening.

“Summer vacation is a bit like Christmas presents, I take two or three months to recover financially.”

Lawrence, school teacher

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I am lucky enough to live a decent life: I have a salary and my ex-husband pays me a pension of 150 euros. But everything counts. When you reach your fifties, it should be easier, but the opposite is true, I feel like I’m regressing. And my son also feels these financial limitations, especially as he compares himself with his friends: when he finds out that he will not go to sea as usual, he is disappointed, even if he understands the reasons.

Mathieu, Night Supervisor, €3,700 per month for six people

“My companion is a regional business manager and I am a night supervisor at Children’s Social Aid. We have a mixed family, with four children between the ages of 21 and 1. We both work on different schedules and are about thirty kilometers from our home in Guichen Pont-Réan (Ille-et -Vilaine), so we have a car. With rising fuel prices and costs related to children, we are few, but we are not lazy, but there is time, no No matter how hard it is to do it, we still eat …

With my older kids, we’d go on vacation in the tent every summer, but there with the little one, it’s complicated. Last year we rented a mobile home for a week near Oléron (Charente-Maritime) for 500 euros. But this year, the rental budget in that area is around 700 euros and with the price of fuel rising, that has become impossible.

“We are lucky, we have a house in Finistere, 150 meters from the beach, and my parents have a boarding house in Morbihan. So we are going to grandma and grandma!”

Matthew, night guard

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We are not the worst on the planet, but they do not have enough to accommodate everyone, so the elderly will have to sleep in tents in the garden. Then after two weeks with the grandparents, it’s not all about being single.”

Roman, computer technician and bachelor, 1,600 euros per month

“In 2016, I quit my job as a sales representative at Darty where I earned minimum wage to become a computer technician on pay transfer, twice the salary. I lived on an area of ​​32 square meters in Niort (Deux Sevres) and me I wondered if I should completely change my lifestyle or if it would be better to continue living in a basic way. I preferred the second option, as I enjoyed punctuality rather than buying the latest iPhone and changing my car for a bigger sports car. If one day my salary went down, I didn’t want to get used to a standard of living that I could no longer afford. And I’ve done really well, because since my contract expired, I’m getting less money again!

“Inflation doesn’t really punish me, because I’ve always restricted myself by keeping my savings for real pleasure.”

Roman, computer technician

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I shop according to promotions, I do not buy ready-made meals, I do not give in to impulse purchases and the best hobbies that cost nothing. The result: I didn’t need to change my plans for this summer. My family and I rented a mobile home on a camping site on Oleron Island for two weeks. We share the rent and costs on site, but I still have enough to do some activities and go to a restaurant.”

Nicola, director of a cultural institution, 4800 euros per month for five people

We cannot say we are unhappy. But with the price hike, all the little extras went to the ace. This summer we are going to Martinique for two weeks to visit my in-laws. We really don’t see them often, so it was impossible to cancel when inflation hit. But to bear it, we had to limit our expenses in daily life In recent months: We’ve reduced car travel, started discount supermarket shopping and don’t flaunt my clothes to prioritize my three children, ages 5-10. Fortunately, we travel together so we were able to take advantage of a 20% discount.

“I took out a 3,500 euro loan to finance our trip. It makes me feel weird to think I’m going to pay for this four-year vacation!”

Nicola, Director of a Cultural Foundation

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We always thought before we made big expenses, but here we have to think all the time. While there are two of us working full time with relatively high salaries. We have a feeling that work no longer allows us to live properly, or at least it no longer allows pranks. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for those less fortunate than us.”

Anne*, teacher for young children, €2,900 per month for three children

“Twelve years ago my husband and I were able to own a house in a village in Aude, because the prices were reasonable in the country. But had we known the increase in fuel, we would not have gone that far … We work half an hour from home andIn two petrol cars, for a few months, it’s complicated.

And as the cost of groceries increased, our expenses increased by several hundred euros each Month ! I am going now To work by bus three days a week, when line schedules permit. And next year, it is not certain that we can allow our daughter to continue her extracurricular activities.

After the pandemic, we it was last I was left in a dynamic where we wanted to go out. we had to I’m going to Lyon for a week this summer, I’m from the cultural side, and my husband is for gastronomy.”

“The ‘fun’ budget was set aside for gas and food, so we didn’t book anything. It’s a pity we’re going to stay home and go cycling.”

Ann, early childhood teacher

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Julie, reflexologist, €5,000 per month for two people

“I am a reflexologist in Paris and my partner is an executive director at Orange. We have no financial concerns And we don’t want children so we benefit: we go to the restaurant, to the cinema, to the theater… Since our first trip to Ireland twelve years ago, we like to go on road trips.. This summer we were supposed to go to Croatia for three weeks: we found nice small hotels and the price of plane tickets was not exorbitant …

But between the car rental and the price of gasoline, the budget for transportation on the site has reached 2,000 euros! We were shocked. We even thought about buying a car and then reselling it. Finally, we will borrow my relatives and spend two weeks in the Pyrenees. We’ll go to the Spanish side because it’s cheaper and we won’t eat Not in the restaurant every night.

“This is the first time we’ve asked ourselves the question of how to go on vacation without breaking the bank.”

Julie, reflexology

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It’s a rich man’s problem, and I’m well aware of that, but it’s weird. I wonder if this inflation will continue, and if we will be able to go on vacation as before.”

Retired Morel 3500 euros per month for two people

“Usually we try to leave for a week in June and another in September to camp in France to avoid crowds. But this year, reservations are getting too expensive for our getaways. We left for a week in May at a drom camping site, and will see at the last minute if we can afford a week.” Than in September.

Usually on vacation, it’s a restaurant every lunchtime so you don’t cook twice a day. Here, that would not be the case. The goal is to leave without going crazy but without counting every day as well: if it’s like that at home, it’s useless.

“After Covid, we would have liked to leave him, and enjoy our retirement…”

Muriel, retired

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And also, We have a good income: jI worked for Social Security and my companion was a maintenance manager in a factory. But I was horrified by the price hike. aFood budget increased from 400 to 600 euros per month! now I’mSee all labels before purchasing.

We don’t miss out on anything so we don’t dare complain: it’s for the families that I’m concerned about. Moreover, we help our children, because they They are more selective than us! little check [le chèque alimentation] What the government will send is better than nothing but it is not enough.”

* The name has been changed.

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