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Control Z season 3: Netflix series ending and synopsis explained

Netflix Mexican series Control Z returns with an exciting season 3 that follows the deep secrets surrounding the students of the National School. As a disturbing cyber threat, allyoursecrets threaten to re-expose the student body’s deepest secrets, Sophia and her classmates struggle to conceal the brutal death they witnessed the previous year.

As things get more and more deadly, this is the wildest season of Mexican mystery drama yet. No one is above suspicion and it seems that the unidentified opponent has spread out of the school. The ending, fittingly, leaves us with some burning questions. Are you ready to jump in and unravel the mysteries of Season 3 of “Control Z”?

Summary of the third season of Control Z

Season 3 begins right after Season 2, as Sophia and the other students gather around Principal Susanna’s body. Having just fallen from the school building, she is clearly dead and the students are in a panic. In the end, they decided not to call the police and fled the scene. Then we are taken a year later, and the students discover that Susanna’s body was found in her apartment and that the cause of her death was suicide. While most are relieved, Sophia remains convinced that not reporting Susanna’s death will come back to haunt them. Soon, @allyoursecrets will resume posting disturbing messages on social media, threatening to reveal that the students caused Susanna’s death.

When it is discovered that the photo used to blackmail the students was taken by Raul, he becomes the prime suspect again. However, the fate of Raul himself quickly shows that his real executioner is someone else. Because his account is hacked by @allyoursecrets, Raul is left penniless and homeless. Meanwhile, Jerry ends up in juvenile prison for the murder of Louis. After being expelled from the facility, and unable to return home, Jerry is taken in by Louis’ grieving mother.

Sofia and Javier are desperately trying to track down the identity of the true allyoursecrets, but their partnership falls apart when Javier reveals that his father (a famous football player) helped move Susana’s body to make it look like a suicide. Although the acts of anonymous blackmail are becoming increasingly ferocious, Sophia continues to pursue him. I finally found the sadistic social media posts and games of Bruno, who was the head of the school’s IT department before he was fired for starting @allyoursecrets (in season one).

Control Z Season 3 Finale: Are Raúlallyoursecrets? Did he do everything for Sophia?

Bruno claims that he has lost control of the allyoursecrets and reluctantly agrees to take Sophia to their lair. However, she is kidnapped by several young men who wear the same mask (meaning allyoursecrets) and soon finds herself in a dungeon with Raoul (who was previously kidnapped). While trying to escape, Sophia realizes that several members who now appear as part of the Allyoursecrets are still under Bruno’s control. She convinces them to take off their masks, basically breaking the outfit.

Back at the National School graduation party, Sophia finally reveals the truth to the astonished audience. Then we were moved a few months later, where she was sitting across from Javier in a café. The latter offers a theory that it was Raoul who was controlling the allyoursecrets the whole time. Sophia thought for a moment and laughed at the suggestion before riding with Raul on his apparently new motorcycle.

The season-ending interaction between Javier and Sofía drops a major last-minute twist and also fits in with a long-running joke. Throughout the season, Javier tries to help Sofia in the investigation, but she regularly ridicules his theories as “weird.” This is exactly her reaction to her suggestion that Raoul has been behind alloursecrets the whole time. However, the theory Javier is advancing this time seems to actually make a number of fair points.

On the other hand, Raul was connected to the online hackers who were seen in the first season and also supported allyoursecrets, started by Bruno. Second, he got Sofia at the end, which Javier says has been Raul’s target all along. Perhaps most telling, we see Raul on a fancy new bike in the final moments of Season 3. This strongly hints that he was faking bankruptcy, which means he could have faked it as well.

What’s equally interesting is that Sofia may only believe Javier’s theory, even if she doesn’t take it into account. You didn’t tell Raul what they were talking about, and you probably just want to finish the puzzle. It’s also possible (given the teen drama elements of the show) that Sophia is, on some level, flattered by the psychotic lengths that Raul would like to go to just to be with her.

So the season leaves fans at a pretty big crossroads, with the possibility that the person behind the @yoursecrets will be on the loose. Chances are that Javier’s theory is correct, Raul was behind it all, and Bruno was following his orders. However, even if that was the case, the ending had a sense of reconciliation. With all the students graduating and no interconnected lives, it seems unlikely that allyoursecrets will have a motive to attack again. Notably, Raul is finally over with Sophia, which means he doesn’t need to continue his messy frenzy with @allyyoursecrets.

Will the National School students end up being arrested?

The final moments of the season also see students surrender and testify to the police after Sofia comes clean at the graduation party. It’s a complicated case because they are all guilty of concealing the details of the death of their manager, Susanna. However, since all of their secrets have already been revealed, the students can also reveal the sinister blackmail they were subjected to from allyoursecrets, which prevented them from going to the police in the first place.

In the end, all the students appear to be receiving community service, but none have been arrested. Some may consider this strange, given that they are collectively responsible for Susanna’s fall from the school roof and her death. However, it is impossible to blame one person. Also, the person who dropped the bag Susanna was holding and causing the downfall of the killer is Maria, Natalia’s sister, who had previously committed suicide. Thus, the students are not charged with murder. However, the father of the famous football player Javier was arrested on charges of illegal disposal of the corpse.

Is Bruno dead or alive?

In a strange reversal of season one, Bruno finds himself once again behind the @allyoursecrets. However, this time he seems completely helpless and tells Sophia that he has lost control of the group that arose from allyoursecrets, who now want to kill him. Eventually, Sophia realizes that Bruno is lying and that he still controls a small army of masked young men who are members of the AllYourSecrets.

After Sophia realizes that masked young people are being blackmailed, just like her and her classmates, she asks them to take off the masks. When Bruno is discovered in their midst, the young men turn against him. While we don’t see how things end, it’s unlikely that she’ll kill Bruno. The former head of information technology has disastrous secrets about both young people and threatens to reveal them.

Chances are that Bruno will be badly beaten by them and may even be expelled with death threats if he returns. Given that the young ex-army members @allyoursecret are all high school students, it’s highly unlikely that they would kill Bruno. So Bruno is alive and may have been caught (again!) at the end of Season 3.

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