Departing to Canada and settling there, with all the support of Desjardins

Departing to Canada and settling there, with all the support of Desjardins

Several years ago, immigration from France to Canada was growing rapidly, and many individuals and businesses still prefer Canada, particularly Quebec, as their land of welcome. Among the financial institutions selected to support them in their efforts, Desjardins is the number one choice.

Desjardins is the first cooperative financial group in North America, to apply the principle of symbiosis, known in Europe, which is based on cooperative values. In fact, with more than 7.5 million members and customers, more than 1,600 ATMs, more than 700 service points and more than 70 Desjardins business centers in Quebec and Ontario, Desjardins has everything it takes to be a great ally.

Students, workers, entrepreneurs or investors, whether you decide to settle in Quebec or Ontario – Canada’s most populous province – Desjardins is here to support you from the early stages of this big life change.

Human and personal support for individuals…

Both in France until your departure, and in Canada upon your arrival, Desjardins advisors are on hand to guide you through every step of the process, in particular, free guides and information seminars on many important things such as immigration, work, studies or everyday life. As part of this financial support, Desjardins will help you understand the Canadian banking system, budget for your business, open a bank account before leaving, get a Canadian debit or credit card, mortgage or investments.

As a rule, the procedures are much simpler in Canada than in France, and Desjardins’ support will facilitate your preparations and procedures.

…and for businesses

And what about companies that want to establish themselves on the other side of the Atlantic, north of the border with the United States? With its booming economy and the unemployment rate at a historic low, Canada is a business open country where setting up a business is a relatively simple process and where hiring is simple and less expensive than France. However, you should expect to discover a different work culture that you have to adapt to.

Before any project of this nature, the specialists at Desjardins Europe Representative Office in Paris provide advice and contacts while directing you to the appropriate team in Desjardins. They are also able to put you in touch with legal, accountant and commercial experts familiar with French-Canadian exchanges in order to respond quickly to your challenges and allow you to “communicate” effectively. In fact, networking in Canada is an essential activity for a successful enterprise, both personally and professionally.

For both individuals and businesses, Desjardins is an essential partner throughout all phases of your project to set up in Canada and Quebec.

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To contact the Desjardins Europe representative office in Paris: or 0153487964

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