Dinan - At Dinan, the real estate market is "always out of the ordinary"

Dinan – At Dinan, the real estate market is “always out of the ordinary”

  • 1 unusual market

  • The real estate market in Dinan is gradually regaining speed, but the consequences of the health crisis remain. This is the semi-annual report submitted by Amepi, this Thursday, July 7, 2022, an association of five Dinanne real estate agencies (they share their exclusive rights, Ed). “We are in a self-regulating market, but it remains very dynamic,” said Elena Pollux, president of Amepi and director of Century 21.

  • 2 Falling prices, high stocks

  • “We are still out of the ordinary,” the Amepi members explain. And on a large scale. It must be said that covid made the standard very high: “At that time, the goods remained in a few days, even a few hours”, since in normal times the commodity is sold after two to three months. Today, the debt market tends to normalize: more real estate is up for sale, and prices “begin” to trade in a downward trend. Homes still sold out in three or four weeks, “which is still out of the ordinary.”

    The diverse agents of the Amepi Association, which gather five real estate agencies in Dinanne, meet every two weeks. (Telegram / Roman Fillion)
  • 3 soon the impact of energy standards?

  • If there is one element that can change the game in the real estate market, it is the new energy standards. Indeed, from the end of the summer, on September 1, 2022, the lives of sellers will be turned upside down: each seller who owns a property in energy class F or G (worst) will then have to conduct an energy audit, at his own expense (from 500 to 1000 euros ) before the start of the visits. Plus Diagnostic Energy Performance (DPE). Legislation that could affect Dinan Park, which is largely made up of old buildings. “We don’t see any panic movement, Amebe notes at the moment. This does not seem to hold back buyers, contrary to what colleagues from other regions have reported to us…Dinan remains an attractive market.”

  • 4 Development of local banks

  • Necessary players in any real estate purchase, a few local banks also participated in the assessment of Amepi. In a faltering economic context, they want to put an end to any fears. We often hear that banks no longer lend. In Dinan, we have not changed our credit policy,” notes Sandra Marchand, director of the Credit Agricole branch in Dinan. Interest rates are rising but still affordable, and the loan volume is the same as six months ago. A 20% contribution is also not mandatory,” he noted. Especially Rozenn Crahen, Client Manager at Crédit Mutuel. On the other hand, a gradual increase in prices can reduce the envelope for buyers, causing an effect on the prices of goods.

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