Health insurance: tens of thousands of people are waiting to pay

Health insurance: tens of thousands of people are waiting to pay

RMC info. Tens of thousands of people are unable to get their reimbursement from health insurance, which is facing major problems with payments.

They are sick or on maternity leave and really need the money. But they don’t see it happening… According to information from RMC, several tens of thousands of people, in Ile-de-France alone, are waiting for their health insurance benefits, which are having big problems with payments.

Example with Gabrielle, who contacted “RMC s’engage pour vous” a few months ago ( She has very aggressive breast cancer and has undergone a mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. But for her, it was a double risk. Because she stayed two and three months without receiving Social Security benefits. She really didn’t need to stress.

“We don’t have income, that means rent, we can’t pay, shopping, we can’t do it… we can’t move anymore, we can’t pay for transportation. It’s nothing,” she explains to RMC. I’ve spent weeks calling them twice or Three times a day, I write and only receive normal answers or emails saying we have to wait. And when we are told, it is very violent. At first, when I was diagnosed, I said to myself that I was really lucky to be in France, because we could treat correctly and we take charge. And when I found myself faced with these problems, which should not exist, I said to myself, “What is going on? Where are we?”.

“Some people tell us they’re going to commit suicide.”

Several other cases of late payment have been reported. And for health insurance, it is impossible to hide the extent of the difficulties.

“Since Covid, the problem has worsened,” the health insurance agent testifies, at the RMC mic. Sometimes it can be up to six months to pay per diem. We trace it back to our hierarchy. What we are told is that health insurance is working on this problem. But, all we see is that there is no discernible improvement. Things have to really move. When we receive people, they are in distress, some at the end of their rope. They tell us they are going to commit suicide. We are completely helpless, we don’t know what to do anymore.”

After contacting the RMC, the health insurance admits having “knowledge of the difficulties some health insurance funds may currently have” in paying per diems and “the consequences that may have for our policyholders.” In question, the Covid crisis, with 160,000 stoppages per day, has to be compensated. However, a national “task force”, formed in January, was supposed to solve the problems …

Marie Dobbin and Ann Livia Tolinci

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