It is not easy to find accommodation in Montpellier, the sixth most attractive student city in France

It is not easy to find accommodation in Montpellier, the sixth most attractive student city in France

Mild weather, proximity to the sea, wealth of the university… Montpellier attracts students from all over France every year. As a result, it is not always easy to find the perfect apartment.

Furnished studio. 21 m2. Upstairs without elevator. Close to the university. 470 euros. This type of offer is prevalent on classified ad sites. Because like every year, the arrival of summer marks the end of classes, but also the beginning of a marathon that is synonymous with many students: the race for housing. Montpellier is no exception, on the contrary. It is one of the most attractive cities for young people themselves.

Montpellier, a student city

Montpellier has risen to sixth place among cities where it is good to study, according to a survey by Diplomat*. It is the geographical environment in particular that makes the strength of the city. The quality of infrastructure and transportation, or the importance of culture and entertainment are also valued.

Paul, an undergraduate student in geography and planning, agrees with this observation. For him what makes the city attractive, “It is above all the important university offer”, but also “The living environment around, from the sun to the nightlife. And it’s all on a human scale.”

Tense housing market

But where the shoe pinches, according to the youth of Herault, it is on the level of economic attractiveness. The city is at the back of the pack in terms of cost of living (18 out of 22 cities evaluated), and according to the survey, Montpellier is in the second half of the ranking in terms of housing cost.

Paul and two of his friends from Paul Valery University are currently looking for accommodation to share. Away from prices, it was the tension in the market that surprised the trio. Within three weeks, they have already visited four homes at a time “He left in the days that followed, until the evening of the visit”They say. So, a little time to think. “What matters is that all papers are ready to be able to respond as quickly as possible.”

Some particularly desirable neighborhoods

Decide on future roommates “To move directly from one individual to another, to avoid agency fees.” But the problem is that young people often search in the same sector for: “Areas close to the university, but not too far from the city center, such as Beaux-Arts or the Boutonnets.”

So after these multiple disappointments, the students lowered their expectations. After the last visit, even if not all criteria are met, “We jumped at the chance.”

* A questionnaire based on the responses of 2449 students.

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