Norris is ready to answer any questions from Ricardo

Norris is ready to answer any questions from Ricardo

How to help Danielle Ricciardo to get rid of his worries in McLaren? That is the question the entire English team is asking, and his team-mate, Lando Norris, has once again announced that he is ready to help the Australian.

Ricciardo, who can’t match Norris’ performance at the wheel of the MCL36, dropped again at Silverstone, admitting he didn’t understand at all.

“We really help each other out a lot, as much as possible. But if he wants to ask me questions, he can. It’s never easy for an F1 driver, out of pride, but I’m here if he wants to,” Norris explains.

“There’s still a lot of things he does really well, and I’m still learning from him and also using things for my riding and my setup and stuff like that.”

“But I’m happy to answer if he has any questions or wants to know what I feel in the car etc. Meanwhile, some of my feelings can’t be translated because the way we drive cars is a little different too.”

“For my part, I don’t mind a lot of instability in the car, I can put more pressure on the front tires. He prefers a firmer F1 car and maybe a little less in some way.”

“It’s not as simple as saying I’m doing this, and then doing it, and vice versa, telling him what he’s doing and I’m doing exactly that. There’s nothing wrong with that. We help each other as much as we can. I offer my help, offer my advice or my feelings in any way we can.” If he wants to ask me more questions, that’s also welcome.”

When asked if he was surprised that Ricciardo was suffering so much and if he understood why, Norris added: “I can understand at some points because I think our car is difficult to drive.”

“Our characteristics over the past few years – even Carlos Sainz said – are quite specific and unique. Some of the riding styles that you need are not the ones that you learn growing up so you have to adapt a little bit. It’s not easy to adapt to that.”

“Like you hit the brakes in some corners, and you feel like you don’t want to hit the brakes, and do the opposite in other corners. It’s not something that is clear about how the car drives every turn.”

“It’s the same for me, especially this year, the car is completely different, some of the features we had last year disappeared and we introduced others, and I had to change my style. So at the same time I also had to adapt. Not only because I’ve been with McLaren for four Years that I know this car from the inside out.”

“At the beginning of the season, I struggled more with my riding style than Daniel did in the first tests and I felt like I had to adapt a little bit. They understand some parts but at the same time I focus on myself, and that is – she.”

“Même si je suis prêt à aider et à offrir des conseils et à répondre aux questions, je dois encore me concentrer sur mon propre pilotage avec cette F1. completely.”

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