Political news, live: Bruno Le Maire believes EDF re-nationalization 'gives every chance of independence' on energy matters

Political news, live: Bruno Le Maire believes EDF re-nationalization ‘gives every chance of independence’ on energy matters

“The nationalization of the EDF gives us every opportunity for independence” on energy matters . Bruno Le Maire says

The Economy Minister for Europe 1 was also questioned this morning about the re-nationalization of the EDF that was announced yesterday by Elizabeth Bourne, during her policy speech. defend Choix “essential” And the “strategic” claiming that “The nationalization of the EDF is to give us every chance of independence in the coming years in terms of energy.”

“Because I believe so deeply in the future of EDF that we are making that decision.”He argued before explaining:

Why do we do that? Quite simply because energy independence is invaluable and the war in Ukraine showed us all that dependence on Russian gas and oil is the worst idea one can have, and therefore should be independent in our energy production.

According to him, the specific training course for the company is the one that Emmanuel Macron set during From his speech in Belfort. “The roadmap for the future management of EDF is to produce more, because today you have a certain number of reactors that are closed. We need to produce more as quickly as possible. It is building six new nuclear reactors and it is a continuation of the commitment to renewable energies”He said.

The Minister’s response to those who denounced the dismemberment of the SDF “There has to be a reform of the EDF, the transformation of the EDF, for the EDF to be more efficient. EDF is also subject to production costs and economic issues that have to be respected. But we will talk about that with union officials, management and the European Commission of course. We will have time to do it calmly”.

While the Ministry of Economy had just announced the opening ” from now on ” from the succession process of EDF CEO, Jean-Bernard Levy (whose term was due to expire in March 2023), for ” quickly “ Carrying out the re-nationalization of the energy company desired by the government, Mr. Le Maire commented on this early departure: “I would like to thank Jean-Bernard Levy for the work he did at the helm of the EDF. It is a joint decision, but we are writing a new page in the history of this great public service. It is not a punishment”He wanted to be reassured.

next CEO, “It has to be someone who has mastered the major industrial programmes, because that is probably one of the biggest challenges for the EDF. And then, who has, to use a word dear to us now, the meaning of compromise. With the trade unions, with the European Commission. We will all have to find a solution. Central about the transformation of this company”.

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