Purchasing Power: Mortgage, Banking, Mutual Insurance … You can earn thousands of Euros on your contracts

En faisant le mnage dans vos contrats, il est possible de faire de grosses conomies: prt immobilier, assurance auto et habitation, streaming, forfait mobile…. De quoi redonner un peu d’air votre pouvoir d’achat malmen par la hausse The prices.

Month after month, inflation affects your budget a bit more. According to INSEE, the price hike is approaching the 6% mark and even approaching 7% in September. To limit the damage to your budget, the government on Thursday introduced a bill aimed specifically at preserving families’ purchasing power, notably by raising the level of pensions and social benefits.

But it is possible to check easily on your own, Save hundreds or even thousands of euros By renegotiating your various contracts. An overview of the possibilities that may be available to you.

Mortgage Credit: Negotiating Loan Insurance

This is a big change that has been made since the 1st of June. New borrowers can now change at any time Loan insurance, semi-mandatory protection when getting a mortgage. So far, this possibility has been difficult to implement: during the first year after the credit was granted or every year on the anniversary date of the contract. As a result, banks monopolize nearly 90% of the market with contracts that are often significantly more expensive than the competition.

But things should change because all borrowers who signed up for a mortgage before June 1 this year will also be able to take advantage of the borrower’s insurance termination anytime from September 1, thus finding cheaper but possibly less expensive insurance. Better guarantees. Because unlike the real estate price that borrowers often have the reaction to negotiating, they often forget to think about the cost of insurance being higher than the interest on credit. With this fix, according to the profiles, The savings made are between 5,000 and 15,000 eurosthe French will regain their purchasing power, given the period when it is most welcome!

Find the cheapest loan insurance

Mutuelle sant: Avoid plucking

Year after year, the cost of healthy exchanges goes up: nearly a 40% increase over ten years. The note is particularly sloppy for withdrawals with contracts that can be up to 3000 euros per year.

Mutual: Basic Option 2 or 3 How do you choose your guarantee level?

But the good news, since December 1, 2020, it is possible terminate their supplementary health contract at any time, Pass the first birthday. Consider taking a look at the competition offers. There will likely be something that should suit you at a lower price.

Mutualism: Auditing the Best Contract

Car Insurance: Check Your Warranties

Insuring your vehicle is mandatory and expensive: around 10% of a motorist’s annual budget. Knowing that every year the average amount of premiums increases by 3-4%, with an increase of 20-30 euros, it is in your best interest to know if you cannot find less expensive protection with equivalent or even better benefits. According to a study for MeilleurAssurance, 76% of those questioned were able to save an average of €335 with similar protection. Which is easy. The 2015 Hamon Act allows you to terminate your contract at any time after more than a year has passed. The new insurance company handles the cancellation itself. To save more, this is also an opportunity to look in detail at the safeguards you have and adapt them to your situation.

Compare your car insurance

Home Insurance: Compare

Up to 40% off with similar guarantees. No, you are not dreaming. In terms of insuring your home, which is mandatory for renters and co-owners, you can also make significant savings by looking at what the competition has to offer. We give you some tips to get there without difficulty.

Home Insurance: Savings of up to 40%

Banking fees: Think of online banks

It’s still a source of savings while a quarter of French people are unable to estimate how much bank fees they pay each year. you can win Up to €259 per year By opening your main account at one of the first institutions in MoneyVox’s list of least expensive banks, updated on July 1, not in the past. If the annual cost in online banks such as Boursorama Banque or Fortuneo is 2.78 euros per year (excluding the welcome bonus of up to 130 euros), it rises for example 261.90 euros at Banque Dupuy de Parseval. While staying in the same establishment, there are also tricks to reduce your bill.

Ranking of the least expensive banks on July 1

TV / Streaming: Go

This is the budget item that the French believe they can make the most savings on. The choice is more and more extensive. First, there is Netflix, which has become the leader in France in online video, one of these three shows goes From 8.99 € 17.99 € per month. But there are many shows competing with Prime Video 5.99 € per month, Apple TV + 4.99 euros per month or even Canal + Series channel from 6.99 euros per month and up to Disney + 8.99 euros per month. Feel free to compare and change providers every month depending on the programs offered. In fact, most offers are non-binding.

Phone / Internet: change the operator

Here, too, savings are possible. A quick look at the UFC-Que Choisir comparison shows that there are great opportunities. A large consumer of mobile Internet will find offers ranging from € 4.99 to € 17.99 with a data envelope of at least 40 GB. Like the technique of skipping brochures for your savings, think of super promotions. The principle also applies to Internet funds, while operators compete in the imagination to get consumers to pay more by upgrading their offerings.

Save up to 70% On your borrower’s insurance

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