Very interesting Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly of the Pyrenees Initiatives

Very interesting Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly of the Pyrenees Initiatives

This Monday, June 27, at 7 p.m., at the Maison du Cheval in Haras de Tarbes, the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of thePyrenees Initiatives, An association that is part of a national network but with local roots, and aims to assist project leaders in setting up, acquiring or developing their business, thanks to an honorary loan and dedicated support, The organization is headed by the dynamic and dedicated Chantal Ruben Carrillo (Former MP known as Chantal Ruben Rodrigo).

This assembly was convened in the presence of Governor Rodrigue Fiersi, President of the Haute-Pyrenees Provincial Council Michel Belleau, President of the Tarbes Community Lourdes Pyrenees, Provincial Councilor Yolande Genel, Senator Maris Carrier, and community leaders. Of the communes, consular chambers, many businessmen and partners.

An opportunity to review the results of 2021 and unveil a new charter.

he is :

108 contractors accompanied by

80 companies funded

211 jobs Created or maintained in the territory

1,282,500 euros in honorary loans Operates throughout the Hautes-Pyrénées

All this was made possible thanks to the mobilization of the permanent team, volunteers and partnersPyrenees initiative.

After the Ordinary General Assembly meeting which approved the 2021 accounts, guidelines and the 2022 budget, the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting was held. This was an opportunity to approve the new appropriation of the association’s funds and the new charter, which the association will adopt next January.

Some explanatory passages:

“If 2021 is still stamping the health crisis, there has never been a great desire to create a company” with 2,700 creations at Hautes-Pyrénées in 2021, a 30% increase,” said Chantal Rubin.

Director Frank Megan added, “The amount of honorary loans granted by Pyrenees initiative In 2021 it was the highest amount ever committed by the association to support 108 entrepreneurs in 2021, an increase of 10% from 2020, 62% of them are innovations and 38% are in the commercial sector. »

In the framework of a general contract with the circuit board, Pyrenees initiative It also supported 375 people benefiting from RSA, 40% more than in 2020, including 63 project leaders and 312 self-employed with the aim of helping them generate enough income to exit the RSA scheme, with an average production rate of 34 % is much higher than the normal rate.

Thanks to the effect of the bank’s leverage, 8,545,000 euros have been mobilized into the economy of the Territory, which is equivalent to the investment division of a municipality with a population of 2,000,” said Chantal Robin Carrillo.

During the health crisis, many people wanted to reconsider their career path, to be their boss and to give meaning to their work. More than half of entrepreneurs are between the ages of 30 and 45, while those under 30 are on the rise, with nearly a quarter. 211 jobs were created or maintained and 50% of the entrepreneurs created jobs in addition to their own jobs. Above all, very few companies ceased activity after three years, which proves the solidity of the projects supported.

In short, a very useful support and follow-up association for those who want to get started, with the help of volunteer entrepreneurship experts in a variety of sectors, showing kindness and listening. An association recognized as a local actor at the heart of the regions, it promotes local initiatives that create job opportunities.

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