Digital Detox: Why Should You Forget Screens During Summer Vacation?

Digital Detox: Why Should You Forget Screens During Summer Vacation?

How about putting your mobile phone aside? School holidays are the perfect time to relax and detach from social networks. A digital detox that will also have beneficial effects on health!

Now that the school year is over, it’s time to pick your everyday digital gadgets. Say goodbye to your phone, computer or tablet for a few weeks! Easy to say: struggle Against social media addiction very Difficult. However, it is very useful!

WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok… On average, French Internet users are estimated to spend an hour and 45 days on social networks.

Looking for free time

“Our brain underestimates the time we spend on social networks and content platforms, Explains Thibod Dumas, MD, a neurologist and chair of the Attention Collective Hyperconnexion. We don’t realize the huge amount of free time we will find by reducing our consumption.

Disconnecting from screens has many positive effects. “Our brain sometimes doesn’t need to focus on something, continues the specialist. This will stimulate memory and creativity.”

On the contrary, according to several studies focusing on The impact of social media on mental healthEspecially in adolescents, “there is a strong association between time spent on networking and anxiety, loneliness, self-esteem problem, and even depression.”

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Gradually disconnect

The first tip is to let go of the screens a bit, start gradually. There are a lot of small actions that you can perform in a day. You can remove notifications from your apps or put your mobile phone in silent mode so that ringtones don’t constantly bother you. You can also deactivate your mobile phone’s internet connection While retaining the ability to receive calls.

Some apps also allow you to temporarily block social networks. This is for example the case of Flipd which aims to combat addiction to social media. Another more drastic path: deleting apps. Don’t worry, not permanently. If you’re going on vacation, delete Instagram from your phone while you’re there and post pictures when you get back.

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Digital detox with friends

We can expect this separation tell his friends We won’t be available on social media for a while. Tell them so they won’t be surprised If you do not respond to their requests immediately But let them know you can reach you over the phone.

Another interesting track, group separation. Share this wish with your friends Turning this experience into a challenge. “It can be very destabilizing the first time you cut off social networks, assures Thibaut Dumas. You can find yourself lethargic and find yourself in a state of stress. So it can be interesting to have this experience with several This allows you to motivate yourself in the long run.”

“We encourage each other and find another quality of exchange. It is also an opportunity to connect with other people. It is important to remember that this should not be experienced as pure separation,” he identifies.

So it is up to you to implement all these tips. Are you ready to try a digital detox?

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