Formula 1: Leclerc chasing tensions at Ferrari

Formula 1: Leclerc chasing tensions at Ferrari

In response to a question this Thursday on the eve of qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc eased tensions after taking fourth place at the British Grand Prix. Ferrari driver denies any division within the Scuderia.

Charles Leclerc wants to turn the page. After the Great Britain race finished a disappointing fourth and featured questionable strategy for his team, the Ferrari driver wants to go ahead and coldly analyze this failure contrasted with teammate Carlos Sainz’s victory at the same time.

“Obviously things we could have done better”

And so, as he explained to Spielberg as he prepares to compete in qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix, Monaco received a visit from boss Mattia Binotto at his home this week, once the tension between the two men subsided. “We talked about the championship, it was a tough moment after the results of the last 5 races and that helped me. I wanted to stay home. And get away from everything to get ready for Austria, so he joined me to make sure,” Leclerc said at a news conference on Thursday, in comments reported by Gazzetta dello Sport and Make sure that everything is fine from both ends.

After the race at Silverstone, Leclerc appeared to disagree with Binotto over his team’s choice to leave him on the track with worn-out tires at safety car time, when two Ferraris took the lead in the race. He explains, “There are clearly things we could have done better. Because of course we were first and second, we finished first and fourth. So we know we made mistakes and I hope we can learn from them.”

“At the team level, we’ve changed things”

Asked about his position split in his team, he said “this is really wrong”, and that Ferrari is “very united”, adding: “I think there is nothing I could do differently”.

“At the team level, I think we really had to change some little things, simply in the way we communicate in the race to be ready at a certain moment, learning before we get close to the eleventh meeting. This season. Because once the safety car comes, you have to make a decision, and if You weren’t ready for that, it’s complicated. So yeah, at the team level, we’ve changed things. I’m not going to go into too much detail.”

“Everything I say can take on greater dimensions”

The third in the drivers’ classification finally defends himself from his sometimes fiery reflexes in the race. “There’s a lot of adrenaline once in the car and we always try to contain it as much as possible, he’s breathing. But sometimes, we’re obviously disappointed and we have to talk. I’ve never been asked to say anything or anything. But we always try to contain it. , because I also know that whatever I say, can take on greater dimensions. That is not what I want in a situation like this.” Charles Leclerc has yet another possibility to draw a final streak under this ridiculous British race, by winning on Sunday in Austria for the first time in three months.

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