New movies and series to watch on Netflix from July 8 to 14

New movies and series to watch on Netflix from July 8 to 14

Netflix releases a number of movies and series in its catalog every week, without anyone noticing or officially announcing the platform. Ecran Large takes a look at the new features that Netflix added from July 8-14, 2022, and the movies and series combined into a non-exhaustive list.

What movies and series should not be missed this weekend on the streaming platform?

dangerous relationships

Available on Netflix – Duration: 1h49

what are you talking about? Célène, a romantic teenager, falls under the influence of a bad boy at his new high school in Biarritz without knowing he’s gambled on his account with a colossal influence.

Why should you watch it? If revisiting classics of literature, especially French, has always been intimidating, this is no exception to the rule. Adapted from the epistolary novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, published in 1782And the dangerous relationships It is the first film by French actress Rachel Suissa, who has appeared several times in the cinema.

Forget the immorality of the Enlightenment, This adaptation takes place in our time in the luxurious city of Biarritz where Vanessa and Tristan, two bourgeois teenagers, dominate. Midway between sexual intentions and TF1 . serieswe advise you to watch the first episode, just to find out how much mystical work, which has already been adapted dozens of times, can slay.

The night will be long

Available on Netflix – Duration: 6 episodes between 42 and 49 minutes long

what are you talking about? Armed forces surround a mental prison in order to kidnap an imprisoned serial killer, but they are surprised by the ensuing battle.

Why should you watch it? Described as a suspenseful thriller, The night will be long He places the plot within the menacing walls of a psychiatric prison. And if that setup isn’t enough to send shivers down your spine, a brigade armed to the teeth can. Cut off all means of communication between and outside the prison, confine various heroes to places that have no hope of getting out. what did he promise Tortured and sinister experienceboth for the characters and the spectators.

Since the huge success Stealing moneyRed N seeks to improve its serial and cinematic catalog a little more each year with original Spanish content, thus bringing back the cover again with The night will be long. Anxiogenic, the series directed by Oscar Pedraza seems to ramp up his adrenaline by ingesting camera icons, displaying an image half immersed in darkness.. It remains to be seen if the heroes will survive long enough to see the light of day again.

sea ​​monster

Available on Netflix – Duration: 59 hours

Pacific Ocean appears

what are you talking about? A little stealth and a legendary sea monster hunter navigating the uncharted waters will embark on an epic adventure… and history will go down in history.

Why should you watch it? Because Netflix has pulled all the breakpoints for summer animation movieDirected by Chris Williams (moanaAnd the New heroes). Through the emotional blending of an all-nautical fantasy, from Jules Verne to Japanese Keigo, sea ​​monster It impresses with its ambition, especially in its absolutely stunning first quarter of a watch, which is held to a very high quality of textures (and we know how difficult it is to simulate water).

Fundamentally bizarre and charming, the feature film unfortunately fails in its script, which blends in without much surprise Pirates of the Caribbean And the the Dragon To provoke an unjust war with misunderstood creatures. Even if the last part found a certain skill (including in its political content), we’d love something a little crazier.

Our review of sea ​​monster

Boo bitch

Available on Netflix – Duration: 8 episodes of 30 minutes

Boo, bitch: Photo Lana Condor, Zoe Margaret CollettiWhen you find out that your best friend has turned into a ghost

what are you talking about? One night, a high school girl who has gone unnoticed takes the opportunity to turn things around and enjoy life to the fullest. When you realize in the morning that she has turned into a ghost!

Why should you watch it? If you’re sad to know that season 4 of on my block will be the last Boo you bitch It will make you happy. Created by Lauren Youngerich, showon my block and regret inappropriateLike its predecessors, the mini-series explores the lives of ordinary teens who find themselves on an incredible adventure against their will. This time only Death that stands in their way.

silly and odd, Boo you bitch It evokes the problems associated with adolescence from the perspective of an imaginary personality, but it is clearly visible. Transformed into a ghost, cute Erica, played by Lana Condor, will become a real…a bad bitch.. The cast also consists of Zoe Margaret Colletti and Jason Jenau who actually played Robbie. on my block.

Doctrine and Creed II

On Netflix July 9 – Duration: 2h13 and 2h10

The Second Creed: Photo, Michael B Jordan, Sylvester Stallone“So we don’t like the black panther?”

what are you talking about? Young Adonis Creed, son of Apollo Creed, trained by aging Rocky Balboa, is ready to do anything to win the World Champion title.

Why should you watch it? Because after impressing American festivals with Fruitville StationRyan Coogler saw Hollywood’s doors open at breakneck speed before the man adapted to the Marvel formula (Black Panther and so on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever), creed He was allowed to update the Rocky Balboa legacy through Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis.

Michael B. did not impose. rocky To fit the social purpose of the epic about equal opportunity and a certain inevitability. whether The second creed A little more fan service (Coogler made way for Stephen Capley Jr.), the two films above all have the advantage of presumptuousness. After melodramatic Which can’t help but make you cry hot tears, especially when our dear Sylvester Stallone shows his face damaged over time, before he caught cancer.


On Netflix July 11 – Duration: 1 hour 41

what are you talking about? In the midst of the Spanish Civil War, a few enemies are forced to form an alliance to confront the terrible, carnivorous creatures created by the Nazis.

Why should you watch it? Because zombie movies will never stop making evenings with friends a success. crazy war and survival movie, malnazidos It is an outstanding Spanish comedy The concept of making the charm of many strings Z (Like so funny dead snow): monsters created by the Nazis face off against a bewildering team of heavily armed heroes. In a whirlwind of gunshots and bloodthirsty confrontations, Malnazidos doesn’t seem to skimp on silliness and humor.

Burin and without restraint, but no doubt with the amusement of the actors in proportion to their violence, malnazidos he is Weekend fun that can be enjoyed without moderation. The movie feels quite honest in terms of the action scene and the reconstruction. A comedy that it would be a shame to ignore, especially given her apparent generosity.


On Netflix July 14 – Duration: 8 episodes of 50 minutes

what are you talking about? The series is divided into two stories and timings. In 2022. Albert Wesker, the known villain of the saga vampireShe moves to New Raccoon City with her two daughters, Jade and Billie. He conducted questionable experiments on Umbrella, about a very dangerous virus. In the year 2038, a virus escaped from a parachute and devastated the planet. In a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, Jade continues his search for the truth, while Umbrella is chasing after him.

Why should you watch it? It’s impossible not to have some curiosity about this myriad adaptation of Capcom’s cult saga, which has changed a lot since the first game in 1996. vampire Now it’s in tune with everything and anything. Between video games that alternate between pure horror, grandiose action, and the unrestrained Z series, the movies vampire With Milla Jovovich delivering a great rodeo, the latest movie reboot that crashed at the box office, and animated films of very average quality, vampire He is capable of better and worse.

Resident Evil: Pictureblood bath

After the animated horror Resident Evil: Infinite DarknessSo, Netflix is ​​trying a big hit with the new series vampire, which can open the gates of the universe wide open in SVoD. Intertwined familiar myths (Wesker, Umbrella, Raccoon City, and monsters already seen) and unexpected, even absurd (Wesker’s father, the temporary double), created by Andrew Dabb (supernatural) He appears Like a combination of everything vampire I’ve seen it so far. It remains to be seen whether it will be better … or a compilation of worse.

but also…

Fight My Daughter, Better Call Saul Season 6 sequel, Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, Architect of Desire, Journey to the End of Reason, Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks, D.B. Cooper: Where’s Pirate Air?, Send Some Wood! Season Two, Yesterday, Beyond Pain…

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