The Highway Code: What will change in 2022

The Highway Code: What will change in 2022

Please note that the Highway Code is changing this summer with the arrival of new signs and rules. We will explain everything to you!

Over the past few days you may have noticed the arrival of new road signs. No, it’s not a crazy idea of ​​the municipality you’re driving in, nor a vision problem. Because in the beginning of July, it was road signs It has already undergone some minor changes. While the basic elements remain unchanged, new banners appear. But don’t worry, we explain everything you need to know about them!


If this has already been tested in several cities such as Neuilly, Strabourg or even Vannes, then this device is now being implemented everywhere. Now everyone pedestrian crossings It will be equipped with a pedestrian countdown timer. This is responsible for determining the waiting time before being able to cross. A development that the latter considers more reassuring but also more useful.

cyclist pedestrian light

This is a small novelty that has already been tested on the Strasbourg side for a few months. This light, showing a pedestrian and a cyclist, has a simple and precise purpose: to remind cyclists that they are also required to obey the red light. In fact, many of them seem to ignore this rule, sometimes causing serious accidents. This measure also follows the increase in the number of cyclists, especially in highly urbanized areas.

Safety distance sign in tunnels

Finally, a brand new board appears in the tunnels. These signs are intended to remind motorists and truck drivers to respect safety distance. This will be linked to the sign indicating the distance in meters they will have to respect. There was not a big revolution after that, just a small evolution in favor of road safety.

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