What are "Hakka games" to restore students' confidence?

What are “Hakka games” to restore students’ confidence?

A round of applause for Sanya, Minister of Women’s Affairs, who came down from the podium. This show, the Apollo Theater, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, he was not used to. This Wednesday, the New World School organized the Hakka Games, an rhetoric competition that reproduces the topic of the hour: Presentation of Ministers and their Program. Each student had to choose his file, his program, and present it on stage. A course like no other, which has become the hallmark of this apprenticeship preparation located in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis).

Created in 2021, the Ecole des Nouveau Mondes is receiving its first promo this year. “We are a crash tester,” one of the registrants laughs. Prep welcomes young people who have failed in school, who have left the education system, who have a disability or are simply out of work. “Our goal is clear, it’s employment,” says the head of the school, Olivier Boisson de Chazurne. To achieve this goal, preparation is based on certain pillars: support for a professional project, employment by working on interpersonal skills or spelling, but above all building self-confidence. “There is no one who does not deviate,” says the president.

trust story

Stefan Labelle is a director and trainer in soft skills (complementary skills such as interpersonal or communication skills). “You think you’re not ready, and I know you are,” he told a student reluctant to go up on the stage. The director does not spare his actors: he pushes them, corrects them, encourages them to give their best. These young men from Seine-Saint-Denis, some of whom have been released from prison, “trust him, because they understood what he wanted to do”, assures Olivier Boisson de Chazurne, far from being prevented by his authority.

The coach takes on the role of “big brother”, giving his students two essential qualities in the world of the profession: self-esteem and self-confidence. “If a senior surgeon doubts himself in the middle of an operation, he hands it over,” he says, explaining that no matter what his qualities, a professional should have confidence in himself. And it works! Stéphane Labelle listens to feedback from recruits who no longer unanimously recognize the person in front of them. “Theater is an extraordinary lever,” he admits.

Olivier Boisson de Chazurne also wants to restore to his students the ability to trust others. So, it’s simple: you have to honor your commitments. “Their journey is full of false promises,” the president adds.

“The coaches adapt to the students, not the other way around.”

Anna, a student at the New World School – Marin Daniel Tizard

Anna, who has agreed to step down as Minister of Wealth Distribution, says she loves this game of Hakka. She, who has not yet found her way, thinks of the idea of ​​enrolling in a theater course. For the student, “The less you know what you want to do with your life, the more you will have a place in Hakka games.” Proof that all profiles are welcome at New Worlds School, Sania knows “well” what she wants to do with her life, and says she wants to develop a social network.

The two young women testify that they couldn’t dream of a better school. According to Sanya, this is because “the coaches adapt to the students, not the other way around. To do this, they must get to know their students. Through activities such as theater, but also slams or organizing a squid game, the trainees reveal their personality. This is a “reveal,” as he put it. Stefan Labelle, allows coaches to effectively guide them, finding the best training possible for them at the end of the year.

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