Amber Heard's insurance company refuses to cover part of the $8 million it owes Johnny Depp

Amber Heard’s insurance company refuses to cover part of the $8 million it owes Johnny Depp

Amber Insurance Company he heard It is refusing to cover part of the $8.3 million in damages the actress owes to her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, following a defamation lawsuit in May. daily Mail.

The actress purchased a $1 million liability insurance policy from New York Marine and general insurance a companywhich she hoped would cover at least part of the bill for the damages she would have to pay.

The policy covers wrongful behavior of various kinds, including defamation, but there is a clause that says the insurance company is likely to refuse to pay, according to reports. TMZ.

Under the law of California, the state in which the insurance policy was issued, the company claims to be able to withhold a $1 million payment if it turns out that he heard He made a mistake “intentionally”.

New York Navy a company He claims that in his ruling, the judge found Amber’s defamation to be “willful” and “kiddy”.

The insurance company now wants the judge to announce that he will not have to pay a portion of the Amber bill.

The repercussions of the confrontation continue. Friday, Amber’s Lawyers he heard He demanded a new trial for defamation, claiming that the wrong person served on the jury and was sentenced.

Teamhe heard Filed court documents in Virginia.On the basis of additional facts discoveredThey said.

His attorneys say two people with the same last name were living in the house in Virginia where the subpoena was sent to the jury in April. The summons was for a 77-year-old but 52-year-old who appeared in court and served on jury.

It’s very concerning that someone who is not called to a jury will still be attending for jury duty and serving on a jury, especially in a case like this.“, they write.

A highly publicized trial

As a reminder, after about 13 hours of deliberation in a court near Washington, the jury ruled in favor of the “Pirate of the Caribbean” actor on three grounds for his defamation complaint, awarding him $15 million in damages. compensation.

Apparently, they felt unanimously that Amber Heard, 36, had made false statements by describing herself as a victim of domestic violence, and had acted with “malicious intent”.

The seven jurors – five men and two women – also ruled that 58-year-old Johnny Depp had slandered Amber Heard, awarding her $2 million in monetary damages.

The 36-year-old actress, who was in court, welcomed the verdict with a serious face, apparently accusing the blow. She confided in her “unspeakable disappointment” in a press release. “I was devastated because the mountain of evidence wasn’t enough to deal with the power, influence, and rise of my ex.‘You allowed it.

After his absence from the courtroom, Johnny Depp responded to him in the form of a message posted on Instagram. “The jury brought me back to life‘ He congratulated himself.

The jurors answered affirmatively to the question whether the headline and two clips from a column, published in 2018 in the Washington Post by Amber Heard, contain defamatory remarks regarding Johnny Depp.

In this text, she described herself as a victim of sexual and domestic violence without naming her ex-husband.

Believing that this platform had spoiled his reputation and career, Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife, demanding $50 million in damages.

Amber Heard, who made a special appearance in “Justice League” and “Aquaman”, counterattacked and asked for a double. It got partial justice, as jurors found Depp’s attorney, Adam Waldman, made defamatory statements when he described Amber Heard’s sexual abuse allegations as a “collection” in the Daily Mail in 2020.

This highly publicized experience provided a dive into the intimacy between the two Hollywood stars.

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