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Rental Investment: Buying Student Accommodation Instead of Renting It – Ace Credit

Buying student housing may be more economical than renting in some cases. Below is a list of cities where a rental investment is most profitable.

Getting a property is more interesting than renting it

If the question of buying arises after getting a first job, it may be interesting to ask questions when the children continue their studies. Despite the purchase costs, buying can be more attractive than renting. However, the duration of study, the city and the financial situation of the parents must also be taken into account.

However, in most cases, Buying a studio can be cheaper than renting similar commodity. This is the conclusion of a study conducted by the Clameur Rental Observatory and based on figures from FNAIM.

In Saint-Étienne, it is better to make a rental investment than to rent

The real estate network compared the average rent for a studio apartment of 25 square meters in 30 French student cities with the average monthly payment required to purchase a similar property.

The result: in 4 municipalities it is cheaper to pay the monthly payment than to pay the rent. This is the situation In Saint-Étienne, Limoges, Valenciennes and Nancywith a difference of -30% to 1%, according to FNAIM figures.

In 10 other municipalities such as Orleans, Brest, Poitiers or even Metz and Besançon, the monthly loan repayment is slightly higher than the average rent charged (by 10% or less).

Conditional rental return

In some cities, fixed costs are amortized after three years, or even less. In some cases, it is possible for the buyer to make a capital gain if real estate prices do not fall. Assuming stable property prices, it is more financially interesting to buy a 25 sq m apartment rather than rent it in 27 of the 30 student cities in the ranking if the property has been occupied for 5 years.

To invest in student housing, it is recommended to look at the energy label of the property. In fact, rentals of energy-intensive properties will be gradually banned from 2023.

Depending on which city his son goes to study, it may be more profitable to buy than to pay rent. However, this means the ability to obtain a mortgage, i.e. to Has the ability to borrow and sufficient personal contribution.

A rental investment allows you to build a legacy and ultimately get an additional source of income. It should be noted that families that impose large taxes can contact Estate tax-exempt schemes like Pinel or Denormandie.

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