Pourquoi effectuer un prêt en ligne ?

Why do I borrow online? The Four Truths

You need money for a big purchase, but you don’t have enough to complete your project. You have already heard about many online banks, however you are still hesitant to sign up for a loan that you will have to pay online. We give you the information to know better How does online loan work?

Advantages of online lending

Convinced of remote bank services for several years, you are wondering about the true strengths of an online credit institution. Is it really a beneficial solution or are you taking a risk?

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Online services

It’s always hard to make appointments with your banking mentor because of your unavailability? On the Internet, the problem no longer appears. You no longer need to go to several banks to find out about loan offers and terms of your loan. At any time and a few clicks from your living room, You can get the data you want through forums, chats, and dedicated phone lines. Save time and energy.

Moreover, there credit simulators On sites like LoanScouter.

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This allows you to compare prices as well as the services offered by many credit institutions. You immediately know, depending on how much you have to borrow, which solution is most suitable for you (duration and price).

The estimate is generally sent automatically to your mailbox, free of charge and without obligation. All supporting documents must be submitted in digital format. you are receiving Agreement responses are much faster than any traditional banking institution Remote signing is also done. A clear saving of time and energy.

My Credit Fee

In the simulations, the annual effective annual rate (APR) is indicated to you and you will notice its depreciation. In fact, An application fee is often offered You can benefit from very special credit rates. On the other hand, as competition becomes more important, there are often Consumer Credit Offers Which will save you money.

Is it safe?

If you pass through an institution approved by the Authority for Prudential Control and Dissolution (ACPR), You can trust him So that your profile does not leak out on the Internet. The payment system is also quite secure.

There are no unpleasant surprises on your credit amount, you know exactly from the beginning how much you are borrowing, the repayment period and the applicable rate. Only your project can be completed.

What types of credit can you get online?

You are wondering if an internet loan is possible for any project because the amount you want to borrow is several thousand Euros.

personal loan

For a consumer loan, the borrower can get it Maximum €75,000, which is a really good amount. For this type of loan, the number of supporting documents required will be less and you will get an answer very quickly.

Also note that for a personal loan, You are not required to have insurance. However, we advise you to remain careful, because by signing the contract, the borrower undertakes to repay the amount with costs. Remember to calculate your borrowing capacity on an online simulator beforehand.

home loan

As for the mortgage, the amount of which is quite large, the offer on the Internet is less numerous. We suggest non-beginners not to take this option for several reasons.

On the one hand, you will get Less advice from traditional banks The amount is at stake, the project is very attractive and the options deserve to be properly informed. On the other hand, The loan remains online in a simplified procedure. You won’t be able to buy back credit, if you have good cash flow, or bridging credit, if you have financial disappointment.

Even if you don’t sign up for a loan to buy a home online, we can’t very much advise you to use an online loan insurance comparison. You are not required to get insurance from your bank, which is sometimes not the best offer.

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