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holidays. Returning home and paying.. what you can get with your bank card

Credit cards have insurance guarantees and travel assistance. (© JARMOLUK/PIXABAY)

During vacations or just before departure, an accident may occur. Car accident, baggage loss or aircraft delay… There are a lot of events that are can compensatein whole or in part, thanks His credit card.

In fact, the latter, whether it is a debtor or a creditor, offers Travel insurance and assistance guarantees. It all depends on the type of credit card used and the bank.

“Once you have paid for the trip (accommodation, train and plane ticket, etc.) with your bank card, Insurance and assistance are combined automatically inside. But there is a large discrepancy in the guarantees between the different cards,” he points outto mectu.frBasil Duval, spokesperson for Panorabanques, bank comparison.

This is why it is important to be well informed before going on vacation. And if you’re not well covered, consider getting travel insurance.

90 days coverage

As a preamble, you should know that assistance and insurance are two very distinct guarantees. The first covers, among others, Homecoming and medical expenses And the second, all this Loss of baggage, train or plane delay.

As a rule, the bank card holder is covered by insurance and assistance guarantees for 90 days. Just like his wife and children under the age of 25 who also benefit from this coverage.

Not the same benefits

This is where we will have to take a closer look. Because depending on the bank card (classic or high-quality card) and depending on the bank, Services are not the same.

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Travel insurance and assistance for a classic or entry-level bank card cover costs on average up to 45,000 euros in general. With a high-end card, it takes between 1 million and 1.5 million (…) the gap is quite large.

Basil Duval Panorabanques . spokesperson

These are Mastercard and Visa Classic cards. With most banks, this product does not include a file compensation In the event of transportation delay or baggage loss. On the other hand, she Reimbursement for part of the costs in the event of hospitalization.

For example, Société Générale offers, for Visa or Mastercard holders, coverage of up to 11,000 euros for hospitalization costs abroad. At Banque Postale, the amount is the same.

  • high quality cards

The game changes when it comes to Visa Premier or Mastercard Gold. This is provided to travelers More possibilities.

Thus, for holders of Visa Premier in Banque Postale, they can receive compensation of 400 euros for lost baggage. In the event of a flight or train delay, it is necessary to calculate between 400 and 450 euros in compensation to Société Générale.

And travel insurance?

For some trips, the guarantees offered by bank cards may be sufficient. However, subscribing to travel insurance allows this For complete coverage in the event of a problem : delay, cancellation, medical expenses.

It can be very useful when traveling outside the European Union.

Basil DuvalPanorabanques . spokesperson

In fact, a hospitalization day in the US can be expensive up to 10,000 euros ! If a traveler with a Classic Visa has to spend two days in hospital across the Atlantic, it will not be fully covered [puisqu’il devra débourser de sa poche environ 10 000 euros, Ndlr].

Also, most travel insurance policies have a baggage cover in case of theft, loss or damage.

Beware of Covid-19 related safeguards

Not all bank cards guarantee Covid-related costs: hospitalization, cancellation if the case is confirmed, repatriation, etc. “Few banks have changed their general travel insurance terms to include Covid since the start of the pandemic,” David Dumont, president of Insurly, the insurance comparison firm, said wistfully.
This is why it may be advisable to obtain travel insurance before sailing.
“They guarantee health costs abroad if you contract Covid and need to receive treatment. Some insurance companies can also cover the costs of extending your stay in case of quarantine, for example.”
About forty countries – mainly in Asia – require you to obtain travel insurance in order to enter the territory.

Travel Tips

When planning a trip, you should I dwell on several things In order to reduce wallet breakage in the event of an accident.

First to refer to insurance guarantees and credit card assistance. Either by calling the bank, or by going directly to the Visa or Mastercard website.

next one, It all depends on the destination country. in Europe ? A high-end bank card looks enough, which does not apply to the so-called classic card. outside Europe? It is advisable to get travel insurance, especially if the traveler is in poor health or is older.

One last tip: “Some online banks offer a free, test-tested gold card,” says Basile Duval. So it may be useful to have two bank cards, he thinks: “A classic and a high-end card offer more guarantees on vacation.”

What do we leave with a light mind.

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