Justin Sun se dit prêt à investir 5 milliards de dollars pour sauver des entreprises en difficulté

Justin Sun says he’s ready to invest $5 billion to rescue troubled businesses

Following in the footsteps of Sam Bankman-Fried, Changpeng Zhao or Nexo, Justin Sun said he’s willing to invest heavily in some of the companies in difficulty. Thus, the founder of Tron (TRX) can commit up to $5 billion in this direction, both for centralized and decentralized financing (DeFi) projects.


Justin Sun is ready to invest during a bear market

The alcohol marketwhich is a rather complicated period for the whole ecosystem, at least it has the advantage of allowing us to see Who are the actors who are doing their best?Hence, it appears to be structured to last. A phenomenon inflated by its contradictions due to the recent setbacks of the investment fund Three equity shares (3AC), from Celsius or even digital travel.

after, after Sam Bankman FriedCEO of FTXwho indicated a few days ago that he was being held.” a few billion Available to help companies in difficulty, it is Justin Sunfounder of Tron Corporation (TRX), who calls himself ” ready to serve “.

In an interview with our colleagues from The Block, Justin Sun said that “ Much I contacted him from the companies for financial assistance. It seems that the latter Willing to deploy funds in order to make acquisitions.

The group of companies most likely to interest Justin Sun and Tron Centralized and Decentralized Finance Projects (a challenge).

“Our focus is on platforms with a large user base. […] Both CeFi and DeFi platforms. »

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When asked how much he would like to invest, Justin Sun spokeIn the amount of several billion dollars :

“We are actively looking into this and seeing what we can do here. […] We are willing to spend $5 billion to help construction companies in the industry keep building. »

The funds likely to be paid to the respective companies will be configured Both from Justin Sun’s personal wallet and from Tron’s. As for Tron, it’s the latter I hired an investment bank In order to get advice on potential investments that might be interesting. The organization in question has not yet been named a non-disclosure agreement.

Finally, the founder of Tron made it clear that he was only targeting companies” healthy And this is a process due diligence will be done for Select precisely Projects that may interest him.

This ad echoes an ad Binance, FTX, or Nexoand companies that show a willingness to invest significantly and continue to hire employees, as others see themselves inObligation to refuse or limit their offer of services.

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