Mutual: optical, teeth, these points to check in the nodes

Mutual: optical, teeth, these points to check in the nodes

Whether it is about changing glasses, or the need for contact lenses or dental fittings, The guarantees stipulated in the health insurance contract must be checked. Since Sécu does not take care of these costs well, it is best to choose a single mutual insurance company that will complete the reimbursements. As a result, you will have better protection and better compensation for these expenses that can accumulate quickly.

However, you will need to check the formula in advance to get the coverage that best suits your care needs. By comparing contracts*, you can Choose the insurance company with the best quality/price ratio for your needs. This step can save you up to 40% on your health insurance!

I want to save money on my health insurance

Optical reciprocal: what are the points to check?

Since the amount of optics is often large, it is necessary to choose the best coverage according to your needs. If a 100% reimbursable health and mutual insurance offer has been made by an optometrist since January 1, 2020, excesses are frequent. Especially when your eyesight changes throughout the year or you have special needs.

The price of the tire without a fee is also set at 30 euros by the health insurance. For glass, there are two ranges: Class A which relates to offer 100% health and Class B with freely setting prices. Also, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right frame and the right lenses without shipping. for Choose the best optics insuranceYou will need to check:

  • Covered amount for frames and lenses
  • waiting period
  • Other costs covered, such as lenses or eye procedures
  • repair costs
  • health insurance cost
  • Other health insurance guarantees

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Dental Mutual Insurance: What are the points to check?

To take care of your teeth, the same. Health insurance doesn’t cover everything Reimbursement is often far from the insured’s actual costs. Also, it must be kept in mind that health insurance covers 70% of dental costs based on the traditional rate.

For example, for prosthetics or dentures, a cap is set at €183.75 for the first and €509.60 for the second, while prices are free and may exceed this fee. Especially since the remaining charge is generally 30% minimum…the reason for that Subscribe to good dental insurance It is recommended if you have such problems.

However, you will need to check the following:

  • The level of coverage and payment of the contract
  • Payment period
  • Permitted transgressions
  • insurance price

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