The Great Eid 2022: Dates and Rituals of the Feast of the Sheep

The Great Eid 2022: Dates and Rituals of the Feast of the Sheep

This Monday 11 July is a day of celebration for Muslims, who have been celebrating the Great Eid since Saturday, which is one of the most important holidays in Islam.

What is the date of the Great Eid 2022?

[Mise à jour du 11 juillet 2022 à 11h36] also called Eid al-Adha, the Great Eid began on Saturday 9 July in France, After it was fixed in the calendar by the Theological Council of Muslims in France. The celebration lasts for three days. But during the first hours the faithful must perform the most symbolic religious duty of the Great Feast: Lamb sacrifice. Among the most important Islamic liturgical calendars, the celebration of the Great Eid comes within the framework of a date that leaves no room for chance: it falls on the tenth day of the lunar month of Dhu al-Hijjah, the holy month. According to the Hijri calendar for this year 1443 (corresponding to 2022 of the Gregorian calendar). “Given the most accurate scientific data, the conjunction (new moon) will occur, God willing, on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 2:52 GMT (3:52 AM Paris time). The new crescent will be visible., God willing. , on the same day at 6:02 pm GMT (7:02 pm Paris time).” CTMF added. To determine the start date of the party, we base ourselves on Crescent moon Which marks the beginning of the month. TheSheep Festival closes the pilgrimage to Mecca. Please note: Due to the revival of the Covid epidemic, the Great Mosque of Paris recommends wearing a mask as well as the use of hydro-alcoholic gel for those who go to places of worship.

Why do we celebrate the big day?

The Celebrating the big day direct echo loopAbraham’s sacrifice (Ibrahim in Arabic) It appears in both the Qur’an and the Old Testament. During the dream, Abraham saw himself sacrificing his son. And because he is ready to obey this vision, it is a sign of his trust and submission to God. The angel Gabriel intervenes and replaces a sheep for Abraham’s son. In this Qur’anic narration, the test of faith and divine mercy appears. We note that 37 (verses 105 to 113) refers to a “generous sacrifice”, rather than the sacrifice of Abraham’s son, which is similar to the sacrifice of Islamic interpreters of religion to Sacrifice of a sheep or a ram, and sometimes a goat or a cow.

What are the recipes for cooking with lamb in the great feast?

According to the origins (Tunisian, Moroccan, or Algerian…) the traditions can differ slightly. But the main course remains cooked mutton For the whole family, with couscous. find also leg of lamb, or even frog A typical Moroccan dish. Related Tagine with sweet and savory flavours.

Slaughtering sheep on Eid: What are the controls?

At the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca, believers gather for a Great collective prayer before commencing the sacrificereply to Strict rules set by the halal service at the Grand Mosque in Paris. In particular, the chosen animal should not see the blade before the carcass, nor should it be stunned. He must remain conscious. It is also necessary to cut the throat after prayer Before sunset on the third dayAnd at approved slaughterhouses. The slaughter of sheep outside an authorized slaughterhouse is likely to be subject to criminal punishment. Once the lamb has been prepared according to Islamic rituals (its blood must be specially dried), it is ready to be eaten with family and friends. Tradition says that the poorest people inherit a portion of the meat as a means of sharing.

2 certified slaughterhouses

On the occasion of Eid Al-Kabeer, state services remember what happened Sheep can only be slaughtered in approved and licensed slaughterhouses. Therefore, people who wish to sacrifice an animal should contact one of these institutions by referring to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture. And in each department, checks are carried out in these slaughterhouses that are licensed by the Directorate of Population Protection to verify compliance with the rules of hygiene, animal protection and the environment. The main goals of these checks are to keep sick animals away, destroy meat unfit for consumption, and verify that waste is properly managed.

Blessed eid!

The celebration extends over four days and sometimes results in various offerings (cakes, gifts, etc.). The formula devoted to wishing each other a merry Christmas is “Blessed eid!.

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