FLOA Bank: Gold Card Available for 1 Year!

FLOA Bank: Gold Card Available for 1 Year!

FLOA Bank, the online bank that helps you daily

sSimplify banking to make life easier. This is the motto and spirit of this new generation of online banking, which is part of the BNP Paribas group. To simplify your daily life, FLOA Bank makes your purchases simpler in various ways.

Payment Solutions

What is the main advantage of FLOA Bank? We offer you flexibility with split payments, to better distribute your expenses and keep your budget balanced.

Thus, if you buy a TV or equipped kitchen with your Gold FLOA Bank card, you can pay in installments at a lower cost, or even for free under certain conditions.

Easy to contract, flexible and competitive loans

FLOA Bank offers revolving loans, which allow you to adjust your monthly payments up or down, at no cost.

And to always make your life easier, FLOA Bank offers micro-loans, with the ability to get up to €1,000** in a minute.

Insurance to protect the whole family with FLOA Bank

FLOA Bank also has a comprehensive insurance offering, including auto, home, school, health and savings insurance. You can even get insurance for your means of payment and your mobile phone, as well as for your mortgage.

FLOA bank cards get cashback (1)

With FLOA Bank, every euro spent can be made profitable. Thus, the bank introduces the GOLD card, which offers cashback opportunities in partnership with the brands Cdiscount and Casino. This FLOA Bank International Banking Card allows you to pool 1 to 2% of your purchase amounts into vouchers that can then be used at these two brands.

Discover the services of FLOA Bank

FLOA Bank Gold Card Benefits: Maximum Service at Lowest Price!

Post your payments (2) with FLOA Bank

The FLOA Bank Gold Card gives you the option of a regular choice of cash or credit payment, with the desired split. It also allows you to pay in 4 installments for free *** throughout the year, from purchases of €60 or more, in Géant Casino stores. Payment can also be made in 5, 10 or 20 installments.

Learn more about payment options at FLOA Bank

International bank card services without opening a bank account

To get your gold card, you don’t actually need to open a bank account with FLOA Bank. Your card will be linked directly to your current bank’s checking account. You can then enjoy truly international card services thanks to the Mastercard network located in more than 200 countries.

Earn (1) cashback with your Gold FLOA Bank Card

For every online purchase with a Gold FLOA Bank card, you earn 1% of the amount you spend. If you make your purchases at Cdiscount or Casino, the cashback is 2%. These earned Euros can then be used equally at Cdiscount and at the Casino.

More information about Gold Card cashback

Gold FLOA Bank Card offers you a high level of security and guarantee

Thanks to your FLOA Bank Gold Banking Card, you and your family remain protected while traveling in France and abroad. Additionally, by paying for your trips with your FLOA Bank card, you benefit from Mastercard guarantees such as covering trip cancellation costs.

Finally, extend the manufacturer’s warranty (2) for the hardware you purchase. By paying with your Gold FLOA Bank card, take advantage of a 4 year guarantee for merchandise purchased with your card in casino stores and 3 years for merchandise purchased elsewhere.

See details of FLOA Bank’s insurance and guarantees

Obtaining a Gold Floa Bank card

Do the benefits offered appeal to you? Here’s how to apply for your Gold Card.

How to request a Gold Floa Bank card?

Signing up for the FLOA Bank Gold card online is done in just a few steps. Once the file has been validated by FLOA Bank, you will receive your card. All you have to do is activate it! And you can also choose the secret code of your FLOA bank card…

What is the cost of the Gold Floa Bank Card?

The gold card amount usually fluctuates between €120 and €150 per year. At FLOA Bank, the Gold Card is only 4.50 € per month! To make matters worse, your first year of membership is currently free*.


For more information about the Gold Card or FLOA Bank offers, contact customer service through the various channels that exist. This service has just been voted Customer Service of the Year for the second year in a row!

Ask a question to FLOA Bank

FLOA Bank is the brand under which the financial and banking products of FLOA, the leader in payment solutions in France, are marketed.

The Gold FLOA Card is a supplementary credit card with yearly renewable credit. Can be used with cash or credit, at the time of payment. The monthly cost of the Gold Casino Monthly Discount Card subscription is €4.50 per month (price as of 07/01/2022 subject to change). Subject to FLOA acceptance of your file and after the statutory withdrawal period has expired.

* Terms of the welcome offer are valid from 06/22/2022 to 07/19/2022 inclusive. The welcome offer includes a free card subscription for 12 months of subscribing to the Gold Card on floabank.fr.

** Subject to FLOA acceptance of your file.

*** Free 4 times: with the Gold Card, pay for your purchases in 4 installments for free in Géant Casino stores from purchases of €60. Example of 60 € financing: 4 monthly installments of 15 €, 0% fixed APR, 0% fixed borrowing rate. Total amount owed by the borrower, excluding optional insurance: €60. Your store covers the cost of this special use of your revolving credit. In the case of subscribing to the optional borrower’s insurance, the maximum monthly cost of the insurance will be 0.41 euros; Tayeh: 8.602%. The total cost of the insurance: 1.04 euros. Your store does not cover the cost of insurance. (1) Cashback = Cashback in the form of vouchers. The FLOA Bank Gold Card allows you to accrue 2% of the amount of purchases made at the Géant Casino and Cdiscount brands (instead of 1% with traditional FLOA Bank cards) to be used at the mentioned brands. See the conditions on the floabank.fr website. Cashback Account: 2% on all your Casino purchases (Géant Casino, Hyper and Supermarket Casino excluding fuel, gas and outside sales), Cdiscount and 1% on all payments made elsewhere with your Gold Card (excluding withdrawals, money transfers and money withdrawals) ) donated in the form of vouchers at Casino and Cdiscount. Example: You pay €300 at Casino or Cdiscount (food, home appliances, games, etc.) with your Gold Card = €6 accrual (€300 x 2%). You spend €400 with your Gold Card in other stores on daily purchases (fuel, shopping, entertainment, etc.) = you accrue €4 (€400 x 1%). You have therefore collected €10 which will be paid to you in the form of vouchers worth €5 on your purchases in casino stores and €5 on your orders on Cdiscount.com. (ii) Private use of your revolving balance to post your payments over 6,12,24 or 36 months.

FLOA – SA with a share capital of €55,136,600 – Building G7, 71 rue Lucien Faure, 33300 Bordeaux – RCS Bordeaux 434 130 423. Construction under the control of the Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR) 4 Place de Budapest, CS 92459, 75436 Paris cedex 09 It is registered with ORIAS (www.orias.fr) under the number: 07028160.

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