Health Insurance: Failures and Abuses of the "100% Health" System

Health Insurance: Failures and Abuses of the “100% Health” System


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A. Sylvan, H. Pozzo, A. Fajon, C. Beauvalet – France 3

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The “100% Health” scheme should provide access to high-quality eyeglasses, dentures or hearing aids at no additional charge. However, the crackdown on fraud has caught many professionals in breach, particularly among optometrists.

Musa and his daughter were unable to obtain hearing aids due to the lack of capabilities. Thanks to the device “100% correct”, which also applies to glasses, will be fully reimbursed by Social Security, as well as his own mutual insurance company. However, according to the fraud suppression, three out of four professionals will not play the game. There are many violations in the shops.

“In most eyewear and prosthetic stores, there were actually products that were introduced, but not necessarily highlighted, and not very visible.”, particularly condemns Maria Rubtsova, of the UFC – Que Choisir. Some professionals can also “Degrades[r] this equipment”. Sebastian Bradel, an audiologist at Unisson, systematically introduces “100% Health” in his consultations. “If you have to cut your margins, you definitely have to keep up with the number of patients you’ve fallen back on during the day”notes, however. However, this is not possible for all practitioners.

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