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Regulatory texts to accelerate the deployment of renewable energies

We learned that the government, which wants to speed up the deployment of renewable energies this summer, has prepared several regulatory measures that will be implemented by the end of July, pending a broader bill to start the school year. Tuesday with the Department of Energy transmission.

Two sets of measures, one for renewable electric energies (wind and above all solar) and the other for gas renewable energies, are already ready and should be deployed in July or in any case inform the actors in an accurate manner of this opportunity.

With regard to electricity projects, three regulatory texts are in the process of being prepared to circumvent the difficulties arising from the health crisis and the sudden recovery of the economy last year and to tackle inflation.

The first provision for projects submitted to tariff windows, and therefore smaller projects, should allow the provision of a small indexing clause on a combination of labor cost indicators, which makes it possible to ensure that this price increase is taken into account, according to the Minister.

For projects submitted to bids, they will be able to promote themselves in the markets after the site goes live and thus earn a little more wage than they would receive in the call for bids, and in doing so, they will be compensated for the extra amount. labor cost.

The final block should allow for streamlining around the PV roof.

Today, many licensed projects cannot start operating because they have become very unprofitable due to inflation.

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These measures are likely to be affected by about 6 to 7 GW of solar projects and 5 to 6 GW of wind projects, all of which are already authorized, according to the sector cited by the minister.

The government therefore hopes that the maximum number of renewable energy projects will be completed this winter, which promises to be tense due to the energy crisis, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine.

With regard to methandes, which produce renewable gas, the measure should allow the completion of projects that have experienced delays in work, particularly due to Covid and supply tensions in the construction industry in 2021, by slightly extending project implementation deadlines imposed so far. According to the specifications of the invitation to tenders.

Finally, a more technical text should come to define the possibilities in terms of inter-cultures of value in anaerobic digestion.

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