Etudiant: une école pour devenir influenceur naît et crée la polémique !

Student: A school was born to become influential and stir controversy!

A new school has opened. The student world is changing. It is now possible to study the effect.

There is something new in professional fields! A brand new school was created to encourage young people to become influential. If you are a student and a noble life makes you dream, do not hesitate. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

School to become a DJ

It is no longer a secret. Over the years, the courses have evolved. It has been a long time since some jobs no longer dream of young people. So if you are a student who is willing to do anything to break into the night work, a new course has just been launched.

yes! From now on You can learn how to become a DJ. Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar, David Guetta…Generation Z is coming into play. According to the latest information published online by Actu Perpignan, UCPA should soon open a school to learn how to use turntables.

No doubt if you are a student of music lover, this should interest you. Thus, from the start of the 2022 academic year, young people will be able to register to become true professionals. Moreover, this is not the first school of its kind to open its doors. In fact, two others already offer this type of training.

One of them is located in Lyon. The other is in Vienna. For the third, it is installed in Barcarès. The Electrobeach Music Festival is held in this city specially every year.

Since 2009, this event has been the dream of every student who loves music. On May 6, the Municipal Council of Barcaris voted. So he made the decision to make certain places of the Cocteau-Marais Cultural Center available to students.

“The Barcarès DJ School will have a lecture hall with 234 seats, 12 single cabins, soundproofed and equipped with professional DJ equipment, as well as 3 multimedia rooms”, reports our colleagues from Actu Perpignan. In short, good news for the student world. MCE TV tells you more!

The changing world of students

If it is now possible to learn to mingle, this is not the only new formation that has just landed in France. In fact, it appears that a file School to become influential It also opened its doors.

According to information from MiltiSo Ambaza will be the first school for influencers. his program? ” 3 days of influencer training In a class of 15 students. but also “Access to the community and the Ambaza monetization platform”.

In total, So it’s 28 hours of lessons. Video lessons. Thus, the school assures that a student can earn up to 20,000 subscribers.

This can then allow him You earn up to 5,000 euros per month. But beware! It is not free. Obviously it’s about Pay 1200 euros to continue training.

Especially since nothing is guaranteed. In fact, the school made sure to support her. In the brochure, we can read thus that the student cannot pass. ouch…

It remains to be seen if many students will register to start the school year. Case to follow… and closely.

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